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Genies in Bottles: Project Runway (S6: E9)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 15, 2009

What would she want to wear?

What would she want to wear?

Wow.  Did not see this one coming.  Once again the judges (this time including Nina Garcia and NOT “top American fashion designer” Michael Kors) really flabbergasted me.

The challenge was to create a stage look (feathers, sequins, the works) for Christina Aguilera.  (Is she still around?  Doing stuff?  Stuff that people will pay to go see?)  Shirin and Gordana really struggled to find themselves in a type of clothes they would not normally design.  Luckily for Gordana, she had immunity, so she managed to squeak through.  Carol Hannah earned her first win of the show for her chic black look with feathers and sequins.  It was a really nice dress.  Althea (even though she can’t dress herself to save her life) made a nice silver sparkly look for the washed up pop star.  Logan made a horrible cave woman dress in a sparkle zebra print.  Definitely one of my least favorites of the night.  But somehow the judges gave him the green light to continue in the competition.

Shirin’s high school prom look and Christopher’s sparkly panties were the judges least favorites.  Absolutely shocking to me, the judges decided to send Shirin home and NOT Christopher.  Christopher definitely deserved to go home for his already-done piece of work.  (Frankly I didn’t think Shirin’s dress was horrible.  It wasn’t really fresh and new, but it wasn’t ugly.)   Sadly, it was Shirin that was sent back to the work room to pack up her things and go home.  Now, all of my favorite people have been sent home, and my pick to win.  Christopher has been in the bottom way too many times for it to be fair to send Shirin home for this.

But we Project Runway fans must move on.  So Shirin supporters must dust themselves off and pick a new favorite to win.  I’m going to go with Irina.  She’s done consistently good work.  Other Shirin fans out there tell me, to whom do you give your loyalty now?  Was her elimination deserved?


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