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Let’s Go See: ANTM (S13: E7)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 16, 2009

Getting Ready to Go See

Getting Ready to Go See

You wanna be on top?  You wanna be on top?  On tooooooooop onnnnnn toooooooooop.
Heh.  Sorry.  I haven’t slept much this week.

Anyone else think putting the model wannabes’ heights in the credits is really demeaning?  I also think it’s funny that Rihanna is a better Covergirl than anyone that has EVER won ANTM.  Just sayin’.

The girls get a Tyra mail saying they will find out how DRIVEN they are.  They automatically assume bumper cars.  Of course.  Duh.  Why didn’t I think of that?  (Oh, right, cuz I’m working on a PhD.)  Of course, they’re actually going on go sees (didn’t take a PhD to figure that out).  They are given their own cars (STAY OFF THE

Nicole in her new threads

Nicole in her new threads

ROADS IN LAAAAA!) and a map.  (I would hate to see what would happen if they were in NYC and had to take the subway.)  Jennifer didn’t get a job because she wears too much makeup, and Kara doesn’t have pierced ears so she can’t model jewelry!  They also have to go to an ad agency and read a script.  Rae drives like a grandma, which pisses Sundai off.  Laura’s never used a parking meter and is flabbergasted by having to put money in.  LA traffic confounds Rae and Sundai, and Jennifer and Erin arrive back at Wilhelmina Models with 1 minute left.  There’s never a go see day where someone doesn’t get DQed for being late.  This time Sundai and Rae get that honor.  Nicole wins the challenge (what?  really?) and gets clothes from the designers and cast in a commercial.  Didn’t see that one coming.

For their photo shoot, the girls are going to be up on a wire working with martial arts weapons (recipe for disaster methinks).  The girls also get to choose their own weapons and were trained to use them.  (Another aspect of Tyra’s female empowerment schtick?  Learning to use ancient martial arts weapons?)  Nicole really brought it to the photo shoot to complement her go see win.  Jennifer also really rocked it, disproving my prediction that she’ll get sent home this week.  Last week must have just been a bad week.  (NB: I suck at predicting.)  Kara was a big hot mess.  Sundai also flailed around like a floppy fish on the wire.

Kara’s pictures looked really uncomfortable, and she did not sell it with her face.  Awful pictures:

The Fainting Ninja, Kara

The Fainting Ninja, Kara

Laura really used her weapons to lengthen her body, according to Tyra:



Sundai still can’t dress herself when she shows up to judging.  All of her shots looked the same.  Mix it up, says Tyra.

Sundai Bloody Sundai

Sundai Bloody Sundai

The judges are finally getting on Nicole for being monotone and kind of blah.  About time. Her pictures did rock though.

Nicole had a good week

Nicole had a good week

After seeing the pictures, I think Kara’s toast.

The judges voted Nicole as the best pictures of the week, making this Nicole’s week.  Laura was the runner up.  Kara and Sundai comprised the bottom two (well deserved for both of them).  Sundai squeaks by with an admonishment to not be so one note.  Kara has to “immediately return to the house in Los Angeles, pack her belongings, and leave.”  Cue auto tune.  Top Mooooodel.  Top Mooooooodel.  Top Moooooodel.  Kara cries about how she wouldn’t have come on the show if she knew she wasn’t going to win.  (Defying the logic of reality TV.  Idiot.)

Next week?  COVERGIRL COMMERCIALS!  Time to find out if these models can actually read!


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