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Denise Handicapped (Curb Your Enthusiasm review)

Posted by Christopher Moltisanti on October 18, 2009

Plot summary: Larry starts dating a handicapped woman and quickly learns to love the social accolades that come his way. This juicy plot, plus a few classic scenes with Rosie O’Donnell and Ted Danson and the long-overdue return of Leon make “Denise Handicapped” one of the season’s high points so far.

Rosie flexes her muscles.

Rosie flexes her muscles.

Best moments:

-Leon’s return: “You did yo dizzle on her?” By the way, I’m pushing for a Leon/Michael Richards scene this season. This needs to happen.

-“Does she have a proclivity for chopsticks?” (Larry to the parents of an adopted Chinese baby)

Top three social commentaries:

-Who pays the bill, the “asker” or the “toucher”? Rosie O’Donnell, who is hilarious here, grabs the check to pay. Larry, who invited her to lunch, sees it as his duty to pay. A wrestling match ensues, and Rosie dominates. Sidenote: How surreal was Rosie’s obsession with Tom Cruise back in the day, and how much more mind-blowing is it now that he’s outed himself as a complete psychopath? This calls for YouTube searches that maybe make a few pitstops at Frank TJ Mackey but always come back to the great scientology interview (I’ll let you find it on your own since I’m terrified of his followers).

-Sand in the sneakers. So true. As Larry says, you wear your shoes on the beach once, you never get the sand out. The shoes are ruined. Larry and Jeff sitting on the beach in long sleeves and pants is a priceless sight in this scene as well.

-The treatment of the handicapped. The best thing about Curb is its ability to shine a light on all the false niceties of society (more specifically, liberal, politically correct LA society). Larry’s a pariah until he starts dating a handicapped women. Suddenly, people fall all over themselves to show their approval and prove their tolerance. And Larry being the insecure, starved-for-attention person he is, revels in it.


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