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“From France with Love”: Brothers and Sisters (S4: E4)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 18, 2009


From France with Love Indeed

From France with Love Indeed

“Get your own, I have cancer.” –Kitty to Kevin while drinking a beer

Kitty heads to her first round of chemo with Sarah, who has just returned from France.  She entertains Kitty with stories of her trip to France and the smoking hot French dude she started hooking up with.  Kitty figures out, though, that she’s actually retelling the plot of a French movie and not describing a vacation romance.  Except that there was a romance that got cut short because Sarah had to go home to be with Kitty.  Of course, French dude follows Sarah to Cali.  He shows up on her door step in the episode’s last scene.

Robert has a press conference to deal with “the Kitty issue” (how repugnant).  He says he won’t suspend his gubernatorial (awesome word) campaign because that would let the cancer win.  (Right, because the cancer is just like the terrorists.)  His polling numbers take a hit, but he is still being a great husband to Kitty.  I’m really starting to believe he’s come around.  Robert doesn’t seem worried about the polling, but Kevin is and tries to convince him to have Kitty make a statement about how the campaign is still on track.  He doesn’t want to drag her into it, though.  Kitty wants him to push forward with the campaign and keeps asking Kevin what their strategy is.  Key line from Kitty: If he quits and I die, then what?  (Eeep!)  Kitty and Kevin take matters into their own hands, and she holds a press conference about how awesome he is.  She figures out though that he’s ‘throwing’ the campaign.  He wants to be with her and is apparently no longer a ‘want it at all costs’ kind of guy.  She begs him not to give up.

Rebecca begins to scope out wedding venues.  Not only does she not find one she likes (it’s all too cookie cutter), she fights with Holly who spends the whole time on the phone.  A creepy childhood story comes back to her and she decides to get married in HAWAII!  With whales.  (Seriously, that was her reason.)

Next week? French dude meets Nora.  And it’s going down.


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