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“Fight the Power”: Greek (S3: E8)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 20, 2009

Meet the Lady Cappie

Meet the Lady Cappie

“Jesus knows how to party…dude makes his own wine.”  –Dale

ZBZ has fallen on rough times with their fall to the rank of fourth-ish at CRU.  In a desperate attempt to stop sisters from deactivating, Ashleigh and Casey promise their pledges a mixer with Omega Chi.  They run to Evan to beg him to make the mixer happen to save their floundering house.  He promises them he will, but in the wake of telling his brothers that he’s given up his trust fund and is now poor, he starts to lose influence in the house.  The brothers tell him they’re not showing up the mixer.  As a last ditch attempt to make the mixer happen, Ashleigh and Casey pay Gammi Psi, the new top sorority on campus, to go in on the mixer with them to entice the Omega Chis to come.  The president of Gamma Psi announces during a sudden lull in the music that they were paid to attend, humiliating the ZBZs.  Ash and Casey try to reign in their sisters’ rage in a house meeting, and vow to continue to work to stop the downfall of ZBZ.  Here’s to hoping they’re successful.  I also fully applaud Rebecca’s efforts to school the awkward pledges in how to flirt and drink seductively (from both a cup and a bottle).  Becks and Evan also totally have a moment at the mixer…hopefully we see more on this in the future!  (Although I still want Evan and Casey together.)

Rusty starts hanging out with Cappie and his new townie-quasi-gf Lana.  Rusty gets a bit infatuated with her probably because of sheer loneliness and because she calls him “Rowdy Rusty” and brings out his wild side.  (Which is still pretty tame…he is Rusty, after all.  But for once we don’t have to hear him whining about Jordan.)  Cappie starts blowing Lana off because he’s just not that into her, and Rusty intervenes because he thinks Lana, the Lady Cappie, is perfect for Cappie.  Dale, Cappie, Rusty, and Lana all wind up at our favorite CRU strip club, Gentlemen’s Choice (not the gay bar…common mistake), to duke it out.  Rusty picks up on the fact that Cappie only goes to the strip club when he has a girl on his mind, and he mistakenly assumes Cappie is hard core head over heels for Lana.  We learn at the very end that he was thinking about DUH DUH DUH!!!!  Casey.  After Lana and Cappie officially call it off, Rowdy Rusty retires.  (For the best I think.)

We’re nearing the end of the season, but things I hope happen before this season wraps up: Cappie and Casey figure their stuff out.  Something develops between Evan and Rebecca.  ZBZ makes inroads to getting back on top at CRU.  It’s no fun to see our favorite sisters down in the dumps.


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