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New on Bravo this Fall/Winter

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 20, 2009

After the insanity of the Fall premieres, Bravo aims to fill the void with some new shows premiering in the upcoming months.  Which ones will actually be good?  Here’s what I think.

Doesnt hurt that hes kinda cute

Doesn't hurt that he's kinda cute

Chef Academy (Premieres November 16 at 10 pm)

This is a docu-series that chronicles renowned chef Jean Christophe Novelli (I’m guessing he’s French) as he moves to LA to open a culinary institute.  He invites nine mostly culinary novices to participate in his new school.  He gives them challenges to assess their skill.  As I understand it, no one gets kicked off on a weekly basis, but failing three challenges is grounds for dismissal.  You can check out his new students here.

My thoughts?  It’s not going to be nearly as good as Top Chef, but I’ll try anything once.

Launch My Line (Premieres December 2 at 10 pm)

This is a new fashion/creative show.  (I doubt it will measure up to Project Runway.)  In this show, established fashion designers are paired up with highly regarded industry professionals who have always dreamed of starting their own lines.  The industry innovators work with the designers to bring their vision to life. In the end, one team will be declared the winner and their line will actually be launched.  Dean and Dan Caten of the label DSQUARED host the show.  You can read about the contestants here.  At the end of each episode, the teams have to send something from the line down the runway to be judged.

My thoughts?  I’m definitely watching.  As long as there’s a runway at the end of each episode, I’ll give it a shot.  Plus with all the teamwork, there’s bound to be DRAMA.

Two Bravo classics also return to the air next month.

Real Housewives of Orange County (Premieres November 5 at 9 pm)

I mention this because it’s the only Real Housewives show that I actually watch.  I think these ladies (while definitely over the top and



sometimes completely disgusting) are much funnier (and dare I say nicer?) than the other ones.  (And yes, I’ve sampled many a Real Housewife in my day.)  For the fifth season, a new housewife joins the group this season, Alexis, a 32 year old single mom.  Gretchen has just lost her fiancee to illness, and assures me that relationships will be tested.

My thoughts?  I’m certainly not going to guarantee that you will like this show.  If you’re into this genre, however, try these ladies on for size.  A bit less dramatic (and trashy) than the Atlanta ones and not quite as bitchy as the New York ones, the OC ladies have their share of scandal and drama, but in more manageable doses.

Tabatha’s Salon Takeover (Premieres November 3 at 10 pm)

This is not my favorite of the reality shows on Bravo.  But it returns for its second season in November.  The show follows sassy Tabatha (once a contestant on Bravo’s Shear Genius-the hair styling version of Project Runway and another one of my fave Bravo shows) as she transforms and makes over salons in LA, Chicago, and Miami.  She is sassy, and the salons she takes over are in desperate need of help due to vast incompetence and unsanity conditions.

My thoughts? Why can’t Bravo just come out with another season of Shear Genius?  Every episode of this show is the same.  Vast incompetence because only slight incompetence by the end.  Tears are shed and expletives are hurled.  The only exciting part is seeing what color Tabatha decides to have her crew paint the lacking salon.  And sometimes she fires people.  That’s kinda fun.


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