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“Black Swan” (FlashForward – S1:E4)

Posted by Mr. Feeny on October 21, 2009

“All I can hear is the clock ticking, every day.” – Demetri

First off…any one else find the opening music completely random, out of place and a little creepy? Made the blackouts seem frivolous, as people were drowning and buildings were burning.  I mean, I get it was the guy’s headphones…but it seemed like a an unnecessary way to show it.

I did really like the way they used a random trumpeter for music during the chase scene. That seemed natural and a unique background.

Once again, the writers have set out to confuse us with these flashforwards. Are they real or not? The patient at the beginning, Ned, says he will be black in six months. Does he undergo a Michael Jackson, or are some people getting fake flashforwards. Maybe confusing them with dreams or delusions. Of course, then we find out that he probably had Addison’s Disease, explaining the darkened skin. But it’s still a valid point that we need to know what to believe. And that things may not be as they appear…or as people describe them.

I do like another question Ned’s flashforward raised, though. Could they be used to change a person. He said he was afraid of the leather pants he was sporting and the club he was dancing in. Could seeing it in the future give him the confidence he needed to go in? In other words, does the flashforward cause the flashforward? Mark is going under the assumption that they can use the flashforward to change the future. But I think it actually just sets events in motion. It’s nice that they give people confidence…but the visions give other people fear.

If the other doctor, Bryce Varley, ever starts to doubt the realism of the flashforwards, he’s going to relapse into depression, whatever made him want to kill himself. The only reason he’s changed so suddenly is because of the hope he saw in his future. As he said, “the future saved him.”

Can you avoid the future? A key question. Olivia wonders it now, after transferring Lloyd’s son to a different wing to get rid of him, but he was sent back.

One quick pet peeve…the priest in this episode was terribly written. He was flippant and not at all concerned for a parishioner who came to him. The writing continues to be weak.

This was definitely the weakest episode so far. Just based on how little we learned. It was mostly just more of how people are dealing. That is good character development, getting to now how different people cope. But it’s not as interesting. And actually, I did like how Olivia was forced to accept conclusions drawn from a vision to save a patient (convinced by Bryce, who has that ultimate faith). I hate, though, that the writers needed to verbalize everything I just said at the end of the episode.

What We Learned (in order):

  • Alda Herzog, the woman who was arrested right after the blackouts, is withholding information about the weapons exchange. But the FBI thinks it might have something to do with the blackouts. And so does Demetri, after she told him “you’re running out of time.” Does she know what he saw? She says she learned it from the Mosaic website. She seems to know something mysterious about the blackouts…but it could just be a red herring.
  • We got confirmation that Lloyd never saw Olivia in his flashforward. But he says he could feel they were together and that she was important.
  • Nicole, the babysitter, says she thinks she was being punished in her flashforward. We don’t see why, but we do see someone in the water, and she says she needs to atone for something she hasn’t done yet. That’s interesting.
  • Agent Al Gough (from Disney’s old Jett Jackson show) searched for a “Celia” on Mosaic…but we don’t see why
  • Here’s Nicole’s flashforward: she saw someone drowning her. She was in a white dress. She saw the man’s face. He was in a black outfit. She felt like she deserved it. And at the end, the man let go and she sank.
  • GREAT TWIST AT END. Dominic Monaghan’s character (Simon) calls Lloyd and tells him they are responsible for the blackouts.

Things from the FlashFoBoard:

  • Nothing

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