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Restaurant Wars:Top Chef (S6: E9)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 21, 2009

Padma lays down the law

Padma lays down the law

For the quickfire challenge, the cheftestants are broken up into teams.  They have to make a dish as a team, but they’re blindfolded until it’s their turn to cook, so they can’t talk to or work with their team.  The cheftestants have to work with what their teammates leave them and try to communicate the best they can.  One team made a strip steak, the other made a pan seared trout.  The winning dish came from Kevin, Michael, Jennifer, and Laurine.  The winning team gets an advantage in RESTAURANT WARS!  THE BEST CHALLENGE OF THE SEASON!  This time, the cheftestants don’t have to decorate their own restaurants.  (Which is a shame because it’s always kind of funny seeing them do that.)  The winning team in the quickfire gets to pick a real restaurant to serve as their own.

The teams break up their jobs and head over to Restaurant Depot and Whole Foods.  I have to say, it’s hard for me to believe this place, Restaurant Depot, actually exists.  One team decides to name their restaurant Revolt, which stands for Robin, Eli, and Voltaggio Bros.  Which kind of sounds like disgusting, really.  But ok.  The other team names their restaurant Mission (Jen, Kevin, Michael I., and Laurine) to signify their commitment to cooking good food.  The chefs ruminate on how whoever cooks the dessert ends up going home.  Very wise.  Robin gets assigned to do a dessert…is my desire to get her sent home finally actualizing???  YESSSSSSS.  Also, Mission assigned Laurine to do front of the house?  She’s the most awkward of all of them!  Poor choice.  Eli is the head of house for Revolt.  Also awkward.  Another poor choice.  The fronts of house (front of houses?) tend to get sent home for being the face of the restaurants.

When the judges show up, Tom can’t stop laughing at the name of Revolt.  (Poor choice, indeed.)  Nonetheless, the judges can’t deny that Michael V.’s first course of chicken was fantastic.  Robin’s pear dessert also got rave review from the judges (NOOOOOOO!)  Consensus from the judges was that Revolt‘s desserts were not in fact revolting, but quite good.

Mission has decided not to serve desserts, which the judges instantly notice.  (I for one could never go to a restaurant that didn’t serve dessert.  Blech.  That’s why I go to restaurants.)  They struggle to get all their fish dishes served on time, and Laurine floundered (heh) in the dining room.  Jennifer’s fish dishes also did not live up to the hype.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re in trouble.

Despite the mistake in the naming, Revolt won the challenge.  Tom said this was the best restaurant they’ve seen in 6 years.  Toby gave them 3 stars for their opening!  The judges were complementary of all their dishes.  Not surprisingly, Michael V. took the challenge for his chicken dish.

The judges grill Mission for not having a clear leader.  Laurine is clearly on the chopping block for her poor management of the front of house.  Kevin also delivered a pretty poor lamb dish.  Ultimately, as has been the theme in restaurant wars past, the head of house goes home.  Bye bye Laurine!  (Long overdue!)  Luckily, Jen and Kevin manage to squeak by.

Next week? Natalie Portman!  (Oh, and Robin’s still here.  How does that keep happening?)


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