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Jetsetting with Michael Kors: Project Runway (S6: E10)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 23, 2009

Putting last week's winning look together

Putting last week's winning look together

Well.  Shirin’s gone.  Now what?  Down to seven!

Someone needs to teach Althea how to put on makeup.  Whew.  Got that off my chest.  And Carol Hannah wears too much eye liner.  And the Lifetime commercials for Project Runway look super cheap.  OK.  I feel better now.

Tim takes the designers to Rodeo Drive to meet a top designer.    It’s Michael Kors (YAY!)  Their challenge is to create a look inspired by a famous locale that demonstrates who they are a designer.  They each pick one of 7 of Michael’s favorite locales including: Santa Fe, Hollywood, New York, St. Tropez, Greece, Palm Beach, or Aspen.  The challenge is called “The Michael Kors Challenge.”  How awkward.  The designers are feeling the pressure to impress Michael.

Christopher’s dress, inspired by Santa Fe, looks like something an Amish woman would wear, and Carol Hannah is channeling Uli from several seasons ago when trying to design for Palm Beach.  Irina’s giant cowl neck sweater for Aspen is pretty terrifying as well.  She’s getting a lot of face time this episode, and talking about how awesomely serious she is.  She’s calling the other designers amateurs.  This either means she’s gonna win or she’s headed home.

Let me tell you.  There was a lot of BORING going down the runway this week.  Mostly in the form of white pants and grey jackets and white shirts.  Just boring.  Several designers sent things down the runway that looked like they could be bought at the Gap.  Irina was crowned the winner for her cowl neck sweater with the fur jacket.  Gordana and Carol Hannah came up as close seconds.  The judges deemed Nicolas’s grey pants and white shirt as not Greece (perhaps Grease as Michael Kors suggested) and he was sent home.  Christopher was also in the bottom 2, but ONCE AGAIN, he was safe.  He’s a lucky duck, it seems.

But really, they’ve sent all the fun, interesting, and talented people home.  I’m not sure that I care that much who wins anymore.


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