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“The Lover” (The Office – S6:E7)

Posted by Mr. Feeny on October 23, 2009

Plot Summary: Pam and Jim find out that Michael’s been seeing Pam’s mom since the wedding. Also, Dwight tries to bug Jim’s office.

Great Moment: The lunch scene in the kitchen between Michael and Jim. First, because you can see their friendship blossoming. But then, when Michael reveals his lover, Jim’s mix of panic, anger and disbelief hit high notes. Capped, for me, when Toby walks in, says “Hey Jim,” and gets a “Shut up Toby! Not now!” in reply. Toby dejectedly murmurs “what did I do?” Toby just can’t win managers over.

What I Love: I’ve been catching up with The Office on Netflix. I love this show more and more. It’s really quite brilliant and hilarious…and is there a better ensemble comedy out there? What’s fantastic in this episode is the versatile acting. How three in particular (Steve Carell, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer) have so many layers. In this episode, we saw Jim as the prankster, the caring husband, and the angry manager…plus Michael’s friend. Meanwhile, I can’t remember seeing Pam get so upset and forward and belligerent to Michael…right after being so sweet. And Michael really made you feel sorry for him, as we so often do. He tried to keep the secret. And why can’t he just be happy, like he said in his great speech? The fact that it hurt him so much that someone he considers a friend wasn’t supporting him…very touching. I hope when this show ends, there is some grand gesture to show how much the people in the office actually do care about Michael. That’d be perfect.

Who I Love: OK, maybe not love. But I’m quickly getting a crush on Erin, the receptionist. The producers did a perfect job of casting a new cute actress to replace Pam in that role. But they added an endearing naivety and innocence that I can’t get enough of. The part where she slowly pushes away Pam’s candy so she can double-check with Michael was wonderful. I want an Erin-centric episode! (There is more Erin on Hulu…web exclusives)

Top 3 Gags/Jokes:

  1. Jim: “You’re messing with me.” Michael: “About what?” Jim: “You did not have sex with Pam’s mom.” Michael: “Oh, big time.” Jim: “What kind of car does she drive?” Michael: “She drives a green camry…” Jim: (bleeped): “Sh**.”
  2. Pam’s slow realization about who Michael is dating. When it finally dawns on her, we just see Michael’s awkward smile, and you see what Pam must see. Then she freaks out and starts screaming around the office.
  3. Michael: “You were right Jim. I should have never told her.” Pam: “What? You knew!?” Jim: “Um…barely. I…I don’t have all the facts. (in a gravely voice) ‘Frank and Beans’ (a joke between them).”

2 Responses to ““The Lover” (The Office – S6:E7)”

  1. CJ Cregg said

    You’re back! I was starting to think there WAS a writer’s strike. Or that I was a single parent all of a sudden…

  2. It was a great episode. I grabbed some screencaps…

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