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“Last Tango in Pasadena”: Brothers and Sisters (S4: E5)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 25, 2009

Nora's new house guest?

Nora's new house guest?

“Life is an onion.  You peel while crying.”  –Luc

Sarah doesn’t think it’s appropriate to have her children see her shacking up with the French Guy, Luc, so she asks Nora to put him up.  When Nora finally caves, the Walkers gather by the pool to drool while “Adonis” takes a swim.  Luc hosts a dinner at Nora’s house complete with a dance party.

Robert suggests to Kitty that they go to a political event so she can get out of the house.  Instead of an event, he takes her to a glamorous private dinner on a rooftop in celebration of her first chemo treatment and Robert’s love for her.  (He’s PERFECT all of a sudden, what the heck?)  And yet, she’s not happy because she wanted a night without cancer, and all she got was Robert.  She tells him she doesn’t want special treatment because she has cancer.  And yet, how cute was Robert’s face when the fireworks went off?  Swoon.

One of Scotty’s co-workers offers to serve as the surrogate for their child to save them money and benefit her own business.  Kevin’s not sold, but Scotty has an intuition.  Scotty manages to convince him, though, and it looks like they’re going to have a baby!  (But weird!  This girl was not smart or pretty.  She was annoying…why put up with her for the next 9 months?  Please tell me I won’t have to.)

Justecca are stressing out because Justin can’t dance.  Luc offers to teach Justin to dance.  (The scene where Justin dips Luc…amazing.)

David and Holly have a meltdown over how to pay for the wedding.  Holly invested all her money in a fund, which turned out to be a scam, and now she’s lost all her savings and can’t pay for the wedding.  Eeeep.

When Luc catches Nora outside being sad about Kitty, he comforts her.  He’s finally won over the matriarch.

The scene of family unity for brunch in bed at the very end just further reminded me why I love this show.  There’s so much love here.

Next week? TOMMY COMES BACK!!!!!


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