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Not so Easy or Breezy: ANTM (S13: E8)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 25, 2009

Practicing them readin' skills

Practicing them readin' skills

The modelettes proved me wrong this week.  Most of them can in fact read.  This week was all about learning how to present oneself on a moving camera.  They started out by paying a visit to the set of some entertainment show, the name of which escapes me.  They were charged with the task of interviewing some random actress from the CW’s 90210 (how convenient).  They read off of a teleprompter for part of the interview, but when the prompter “mysteriously” broke halfway through their interviews, they had to think on their feet.  Laura whined about how she’s severely dyslexic so reading teleprompters and memorizing stuff is very hard for her.  (Makes the blogging less fun if the one model that can’t read has dyslexia.  Can’t poke too much fun without being horribly insensitive.)  Jennifer really stood out, but Erin rolled with the surprise really well and got the win.

For this season’s CoverGirl commercial, the girls had to write their own scripts and memorize them.  (Reading AND writing this week?  I hope Tyra tests their math skills next week.  It’s important for ANTM to be literate.)  Much to my chagrin, the commercials were not horrible.  Jennifer was really relateable and adorable.  Nicole started out weak but managed to pull through.  Sundai’s script was really bad, but what really annoyed me was her annoying ‘salesman’ voice.  Laura did in fact struggle to memorize her script, but the judges applauded her for

A runway diva coach extraordinaire and a noted fashion photographer

A runway diva coach extraordinaire and a noted fashion photographer

really bringing herself out in the script (which basically meant she had to explain her accent).  Rae was BORING, Brittany was like a ROBOT, and Erin completely shut down and cried so hard she had to have her makeup reapplied four times.  This after her arrogance after the challenge win.

Jennifer was called first this week for her very cute commercial.  She continues to surprise me.  Surprisingly, the judges let Brittany’s robotic, dead performance slide, and instead singled out Rae and Erin for the worst of the week.  Tyra sent Rae home for not letting her personality shine through.

Next week?  I think it’s time for Brittany or Sundai to go.


2 Responses to “Not so Easy or Breezy: ANTM (S13: E8)”

  1. MazTheMoo said

    sundai needs to leave

  2. CJ Cregg said

    I’m totally with you.

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