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“Coal Digger” (Modern Family – S1:E5)

Posted by Mr. Feeny on October 26, 2009

Plot Summary: Everyone’s getting together at Jay and Gloria’s to watch football and have a barbeque. Gloria and Claire get into a big fight when Gloria finds out Claire didn’t trust her marrying Jay.

Great Moment: Just the fact that the focus of the episode was on Big Ten football. That’s what I’m talking about! Ohio State vs. Illinois. The Illinibuck. A weird looking turtle. They could have made mention to that hilarious rivalry trophy, but it probably would have been too football-geared. Most people wouldn’t get it. They didn’t even use real players…but I guess that’s understandable.  But I love that this is a Midwestern show with Illinois connections…hopefully they’ll be a Northwestern reference down the road!

Nice Aspect of Episode: Although episodes 2-3 were great, they really created an A plot and two B plots. The Shelley Long episode from last week and last night’s football episode went back to what the show started as. The entire family getting together for one big plot. I think this show works well either way.

Top 3 Jokes/Gags:

  1. Cameron: “I collect antique fountain pens. I’m quite adept at Japanese flower arrangements. Ikebana. And I was the starting offensive lineman at the University of Illinois. (pause, camera pans out) Surprise!”
  2. Mitchell: (after referencing West Side Story) “I’m a musical theatre fan.” Cameron: (sarcastically) “Surprise!”
  3. Cameron: “Let’s Go Illini!” Jay: “Oh, looks like I gotta watch the game with Dick Butkus.” Mitchell: (taken aback) Dad! Come on, that’s offensive.” Cameron: “Mitchell, he’s one of the greatest linebackers to ever play at Illinois, and one of my personal heroes.” Mitchell: “And his name is ‘Butt-kiss’? And we’re just choosing to…ok, alright. Dad, I thought you were being homophobic. I’m sorry.” Jay: “Got all night.” Mitchell: (dreading) “Yes we do.”

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