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“The Wish Pretzel”: Greek (S3: E9)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 27, 2009

Is this really happening?

Is this really happening?

Just one more episode before the half-season finale.  And boy.  Did I get almost everything I wanted this episode.  Here’s what happened.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend at CRU and by various twists of fate, our favorite characters end up spending the weekend on campus.  Rusty and Dale plan to have a big Thanksgiving dinner at their apartment.  The pressure’s building for their honors engineering projects because there is a competition for a grant, though.  Rusty makes a breakthrough on his project, while Dale’s (literally) goes up in flames.  Dale gets jealous of Rusty’s progress and snoops through his notes, and they have a big fight that leads them to cancel Thanksgiving dinner.

After a charity dinner at ZBZ, Evan tries to kiss Casey.  She shoots him down (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!)  She says she wants a real relationship and not some booty call.  Rebecca is really putting the moves on Evan, though, so perhaps all is not lost in the Evan department.  At a last minute Thanksgiving dinner at Kappa Tau, Cappie pours his heart out to Rusty about how he really screwed up by not going after Casey after the End of the World Party.

Cappie walks Casey home after the dinner and after a heinously awkward (but still kind of real) moment between the two of them, he

Evan, prepare to get pounded

Evan, prepare to get pounded

confesses to wanting to be with her and try again.  They kiss (FINAAAAAAALLY) and it seems are on track to start a new relationship.  Of course it can’t be this simple, but progress is being made!  The plot has advanced.  Now we get to see how badly they manage to screw it up in the one remaining episode.

Other AWESOME things about this episode

  • Cappie has Evan saved in his phone as “LAME-bers.”  Get it?  Like Chambers?  HAHA.
  • Dale’s turkey sweater while he cooks Thanksgiving dinner.  Who knew they make tacky Thanksgiving sweaters just like they make tacky Christmas sweaters?
  • During the charity dinner at ZBZ, a guy goes into Ash and Casey’s room and tries on Ashley’s big poofy sleeve rainbow cloud shirt monstrosity.  He ends up stealing it.  Rebecca chases him 3 blocks to try to get it back, but returns to ZBZ claiming she’d done Ash a favor by letting it be stolen.  I agree.
  • The gay KT that was sleeping with Calvin in season 1 (I can never remember his name) refuses to let Evan in the door for the KT Thanksgiving dinner.  He says, “No Omega Chi is stepping foot in this house without getting pounded….”  [awkward pause]  “by my fist…”  [awkward pause]

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