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NOT a Steak Dinner: Top Chef (S6: E10)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 28, 2009

Tom: Please don't screw this up.

Tom: Please don't screw this up!

TV Guide has sponsored this week’s quickfire.  Each chef is to be inspired by a TV show.  The cheftestants draw knives that say “Sesame Street,” “Cheers,” “The Sopranos” etc…  Robin reveals that she wasn’t allowed to watch TV as a kid.  That’s probably why she’s so weird and Mr. Feeny, Moltisanti, and I are so normal.  Best part of the challenge?  The chefs serve Padma and the guest judge who are sitting on a couch in front of a vintage TV set on TV trays.  Jen is totally psyching herself out.  She’s clearly her own worst enemy.  I think the stress of the competition is getting to her.  Jennifer and Robin’s dishes are up for cancellation, heh.  Kevin and Brian are up for syndication.  (Padma’s scripted jokes, not mine.)  Kevin wins!  His dish will be a frozen meal sold by Schwan’s.  Cuz apparently Top Chef now has a line of frozen foods.  How classy.  This economic crisis is hitting everyone hard, it seems.  Even Top Chef.

No meat for me, thanks.

No meat for me, thanks

For their elimination challenge, the cheftestants will be serving steak at Tom Colicchio’s steak house, craftsteak.  In true Bravo fashion, there’s a twist.  The chefs will be cooking for Natalie Portman, and she’s a vegetarian!  (Sacrilege in a steak house!)  The chefs have to change all of their dishes.  This is probably good for me as a viewer, because I was really starting to drool looking at the fridge with all the meat.  Nonetheless, most of the chefs seem to be pretty comfortable cooking vegetarian stuff.

When it comes time to plate, Robin doesn’t get her whole dish out.  And the dish is apparently way too salty.  Jen’s dish was good, but didn’t have enough personality.  And Michael wowed the judges with his well thought out dish.  Bryan also didn’t get his entire dish on the plate.  Kevin’s dish looks like a big brown mess on the plate, but it’s meaty and manly, which the judges like.

Kevin, Eli, and Michael have the top dishes of the day.  Kevin wins again!  I think the Red Santa is really emerging as the top of the tops.  Bryan is pissed because he thinks he could have made that dish in 20 minutes his first year of culinary school.  Robin, Jennifer, and Mike I. are in the bottom.  (Robin?  Finally?  Please?  Is there a Top Chef God?)  Mike’s dish was raw and contained no protein.  Robin made a dish that she had never made before (have we not learned this lesson yet?)  After the judges deliberate, though, I think Mike I. is really in trouble.  And I’m right!  Mike I. is packing his knives this week.  But how on earth is Robin still scraping by?  The world will never know.


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