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Surfing Safari: ANTM (S13: E10)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 30, 2009

America's Next Top Model

Erin Hangs Ten

Time to pack!  Tyra and her modelettes are headed to Hawaii!  (Not to a foreign country?  Can we say economic crisis and budget cuts?  I’d feel screwed.  Of course maybe cuz they’re short they get a ‘short’ plane ride to their destination.)

(Blogger’s confession: I only watched part of the first half.  I was busy with ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.’ Man I wish it was still acceptable to cut 2 holes in a sheet and call it a costume.  Also that people still said ‘tricks or treats.’)

Here’s what I did see: The girls head to the beach and learn to surf.  Tyra thinks surfers have good body awareness and grace, which is important for models as well.  Turns out they’re not very good.  The girls then had a photo shoot challenge where they had to surf with their instructors and be photographed at the same time.  I think Erin won.  Laura got so sunburned that her “skin feels like it’s going to fall off.”  Tyra’s all about the environment and yet didn’t recommend they wear sunscreen?  What a terrible role model.  Laura looks like a tomato!

The girls are photographed by Tyra for the second time this cycle (a top model first!  Egads!)  The girls are photographed in a sugar cane field with “fashion interpretations” of mixed cultures.  Tibet, Greece, Mexico, Morocco, etc…  (If this was top model pre-economic crisis, I think they would have GONE to Morocco.)  They paint most of them to have dark skin.  How weird.  Jennifer looked very strange as a Botswanan (?).  Nicole really turned it on, and Erin was awkward.  Jennifer was also a mess for the first part of this shoot.  What annoys me about this cycle is that there isn’t one girl that is always on top.  Except maybe Nicole.  None of them are consistent enough to be a top model.  Sundai nailed it.  (NOOOOO!  I can’t listen to her man voice anymore!)

Jennifer’s photo looked like she was in National Geographic.  Not modely.  But pretty.

America's Next Top Model

I guess Jennifer does look African. Yah. Right.

Laura’s photo was quite pretty.  Beautiful close up shot of her face.  (Didn’t look like a tomato covered in makeup to make her look Mexican.)  But she kind of looked possessed.  In a pretty way.  I guess.

America's Next Top Model

Creepy Eyes

Erin demonstrated her ignorance.  (“The only thing I know about Tibet is that people want to free it.”)  Her picture is beautiful and boring.  She was NOT smizing.  (Did I really just say that?)

America's Next Top Model

We've seen this pose from Erin before

Sundai only has one angle, but it is a nice angle.  Also, she photographs “short” according to Tyra.  Her future is at Gap Kids it seems.

Nicole’s photo is definitely the best.  There’s power in her eyes.  Clearly the best picture of the week, and the judges agree.  She’s emerging as a front runner in my mind.  Now if only she wasn’t so weird.

America's Next Top Model


Erin and Brittany land in the bottom 2 this week.  Erin gets to stay with the admonishment that she has to stop defeating herself.  Bye bye, Skeletor!

America's Next Top Model

Sent packing. Just like the real American Indians.

Can we get rid of Sundai already?

Next week?  Swimsuit shots!


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