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“Zen and the Art of Mole Making”: Brothers and Sisters (S4: E6)

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 1, 2009



Winning over the Walkers


“I hate to say it but I think the hippie hacienda was good for Tommy.” –Kevin

Kevin starts freaking out because he and Scotty haven’t really investigated their surrogate.  Turns out she’s quite the partier.  Kevin draws up a contract that backfires, so negotiations are currently on hold.  When Kevin sees how disappointed Scotty is that it fell through, he goes to beg Michelle, the surrogate to reconsider.  She consents.

Sarah and Luc continue to sneak around because she doesn’t want her kids to find out about her lover.

Nora and Kitty freak out because they hear a noise in the house.  Turns out it’s not an intruder, it’s TOMMY returned from exile!  All seems to be forgotten and forgiven as the Walkers welcome him home.  They plan a family dinner, and Tommy’s making the mole!  Just a little trick he picked up in Mexico apparently.  Nora finds out Tommy and Julia are getting a divorce.  She doesn’t like that there’s something in her


Caught in the act

children’s lives that can’t fix.  Paige catches Sarah and Luc kissing at the family dinner.  They talk it out and decide Luc should move into their house.


Nora can’t pretend everything’s OK, so she spills the beans about the divorce at the family dinner.  (UGH, I’m so mad at her for doing this!)  Tommy thinks Nora holds her family to too high of standards.  He feels suffocated and storms out.  Nora tries to talk Tommy out of leaving, but he’s headed to Seattle to try to figure things out with his family.

Saul catches Ryan going through financial paperwork in Holly’s office.  Ryan claims Holly’s being shady and he’s trying to catch her in action.  He then has another meeting with the shady businessman.

Nora and Saul give Holly the green light to go ahead with the cheap wine, as long as they can oversee the project.

Holly meets with the businessman at the end of the episode.  He says he wants to buy her share of Ojai for double what it’s worth.  She turns him down.  (Out of loyalty to the Walkers?  Why?  I can’t figure it out.  But this little subplot is kind of boring in my opinion.)

So, Tommy leaves.  I guess his brief appearance was just for one episode, but it will be interesting to see if and how he’s woven into the rest of the season.


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