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“Friend or Foe”: Greek (S3: E10)

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 4, 2009


Songfest time! ZBZ is ready to rock!

Friend or foe is the question in this episode.  Will Evan and Cappie stay friends?  What about Dale and Rusty?  What a mini-season finale!  Lots happened this episode, so bear with me.  (NB: No new episodes until Jan 25, 2010!  Booo!  Hiss!)

Casey and Cappie are struggling over whether to tell Evan about their relationship.  (Which seems to be going great, btw.  They’re totally cute together.)  When Cappie finally does tell Evan, Evan pretends to be totally fine with it, but it’s pretty clear to us astute viewers that he isn’t.  Cappie then compares their threesome to Harry Potter.  See below.  Casey tells Ashleigh about her and Cappie getting back together, and Ash isn’t thrilled because she’s worried Casey will disappear into the KT house, never to be seen again.  That can happen.  Just like those crickets.

Dale and Rusty are still not talking because they are locked in competition for this engineering grant.  They are both awarded finalists in the grant competition, and the final results will not be released until spring semester.  (GROAN.  How convenient.)  They decide to figure it out through Battle Bots (instead of, you know, rational conversation).  Rusty decides to let Dale win because science is all he has.

It’s Songfest at CRU, and the ZBZs are trying to come out on top to regain some of their former prestige.  However, Katherine, the president of Panhell disqualifies ZBZ’s best singer because she deactivated and became an IKapp for awhile.  Casey is outraged at such a demonstration of bias.  At the same time, Katherine offers Casey a job on the Panhell exec board serving as VP Judicial.  However, she would have to demonstrate a lack of bias in Greek evnts, which means she couldn’t participate in the inter-Greek competitions, such as Songfest.  Casey thinks about this for awhile, but decides she needs to be with her house in a trying time and turns the job down.

Casey thinks Omega Chi and KT could get along if they had a common enemy, so she encourages them to team up against CRU security guard Hank.  However, in order to get Omega Chi on board, Evan has to let his brothers prank KT, so they bail on the prank, which leads to several KT brothers (and Cappie’s best friends) getting expelled when they get caught.  Needless to say, Cappie and Evan are over after this.


Ash and Abby rock it at Songfest

Songfest finally rolls around, and thanks to the help of annoying pledge Abby (played by Olesya Rulin of High School Musical fame…so totally didn’t realize that was her), the ZBZs totally rock it.  (Turns out Amber Stevens, who plays Ashleigh also has a pretty good voice.)  However, the judges vote Gamma Psi (Katherine’s house), the winners.  Casey and Ash know they were so good that they deserved to win, so they sneak into the Gamma Psi house to look at Katherine’s presidential clipboard.  Turns out, there was some suspicious stuff happening with the judges.  However, Becks leaves a candle lit in the Gamma Psi house and it


Katherine's not feeling it

BURNS DOWN.  (Whoah, didn’t see that coming.)  The ZBZs decide not to turn themselves in.  (Talk about a guilty conscience.)

After this whole debacle goes down, Rebecca finds Evan in her room.  They do more than talk, if you know what I mean.  Which would make me happy because I like Evan, and I hate that he’s lonely, except there’s totally something else going on here.

Wow, so we’re left in limbo until January.  Will the ZBZs get caught?  What’s going to happen with Becks and Evan?  Will Casey and Cappie still be totally perfect?  Is Jordan really gone for good?  (Please yes?)

I have to say, the writers really upped the one-liner ante this episode.  Here are some of my faves.

  • Cappie tries to compare he, Casey, and Evan to Harry Potter “and those other guys.”  Evan, though clearly sad about Casey dating Cappie says, “Tell Casey I’ll see her at Quidditch practice.”  Ummm, right.
  • Grant calls KT “Krappa Tau.”  Bahahaha.
  • Casey tries to find a common enemy for Kappa Tau and Omega Chi.  She asks, “Who do Omega Chis hate the most?”  Cappie responds, “Liberals.”  I do love a good bunch of Republican boys.
  • When contemplating what to do about their Songfest dance, Abby explains, “I choreographed three of my high school musicals.  And the third one was our senior year.”  Casey replies, “Well, we’re all in this together.”  (Only funny to my fellow HSM fans.)  But props to Greek producers for these fantastic one-liners.

See y’all in January!


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