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Arts and Crafts: Project Runway (S6: E12)

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 6, 2009


Irina works on her winning look from last week

“I want Nina Garcia’s stilettos to blow off her feet and shoot across the runway.” –Tim Gunn (NB: Don’t we all?)

Five left!  And we’re down to the last challenge.  Fashion Week is so close for all of our designers.

They’re headed to an iconic location.  The mayor of LA (Antonio Villaraigosa) welcomes our designers to the Getty Center.  This is to be their inspiration for the final challenge.  They all choose paintings and art in the center to be their guide for the challenge.  (Haven’t we seen this challenge before?  Except it was in the Met, which is WAY BETTER.  My favorite place in NYC, actually.)  Then, they head to Mood for the LAST TIME.

Althea is whining about how she has no friends.  Turns out Irina and Gordana are good friends now and Carol Hannah and Christopher are hanging out, leaving Althea all by her lonesome.  So sad.  Turns out Irina is from the Republic of Georgia.  Also sad.  Needless to say, our designers are feeling the pressure.

This week is a double elimination.  Only three designers will continue on to fashion week.  Cindy Crawford is a guest judge this week.  (No Michael Kors?  For shame!)

Christopher’s dress kind of looked like dirt.  Althea’s wasn’t great either.  Gordana’s was flowy, but a bit cliche.  Too much fabric.  Irina’s was a horrible gray disaster.  For the last challenge, really?


Logan works on last week's losing look

Althea’s top was underworked, but her bottom was overworked.  The judges called it a ‘mess fest.’  I concur.  Irina’s dress was OK, but her styling was a problem.  Gordana’s dress was perfectly made, but she didn’t take a risk.  Carol Hannah also made a perfect dress, but it was also very safe.  When queried by the judges, Christopher begins to cry (NO WAY!) and argues that his final design is totally him.  His inspiration, of course, was a rock with algae on it.  (???)  Where is the risk here?  None of the designers made cutting edge fashions.  And yet, the judges are very laudatory.  They like what they’ve seen.  (Blech.  I don’t.)  (NB: Nina Garcia looks buck naked during the judging deliberation.  This is why one shouldn’t wear strapless gowns on TV.)

So, who’s going to fashion week?  Irina has done well enough to squeak by.  Christopher is out because the judges want him to have more experience.  Carol Hannah is in and will go to fashion week.  Althea is in.  But just barely.  The judges thought her look was a mess.  (I think Althea’s look is a mess.)  This means Gordana is out.  This seems about right to me.  Gordana and Christopher need some more experience.

Here’s to having three women in fashion week!



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