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“Bagpipes”: HIMYM (S5: E6)

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 7, 2009


Seeking relationship advice from the best couple ever

I love it when we have an episode all about euphemisms.

Plot summary: Ted and Robin have a new couple that live above them.  They’re disturbing the peace, so to speak.  Barney is convinced Marshall and Lily are going to get a divorce because he sees Lily make Marshall wash a dish.  He and Robin never fight, so they think this is bad news.  Barney convinces Marshall to hold his ground on dirty dishes, but Lily isn’t having any of it, so Lily and Marshall have a huge fight.  Barney and Robin return from a ski trip and act all lovey-dovey and gross, so Ted figures out (using Phil in 12B) that they’ve been fighting a lot since the ski trip.  They have to go to Marshall and Lily for relationship advice, which causes Marshall and Lily to see that their fight was stupid and to make up.

What we learn about the mother: Nada.  Zippo.  Zilch.

Best moment: Ted tells his kids about the new couple that lives above them.  They disturb the peace by playing the bagpipes all the time.  Of course bagpipes are a euphemism for having loud sex.  But no one wants to talk about sex in front of their kids.  So now whenever our friends are in Ted’s apartment, there is loud bagpipe music playing and their eyes all drift to the ceiling.  When Ted goes to visit the bagpipers to tell them to stop, he discovers that they’re old.  (Gross.) He can’t say anything, so instead he “had a hard candy and smiled politely at some racist jokes.”

Top 3 Quotes/Moments:

1) Ted diagnoses Barney with a new disease he calls “new relationship smugness” which means that he and Robin are still in the honeymoon phase where they never fight.  Barney certainly is smug.

2) When describing how he and Robin never fight, Barney says his strategy to avoid arguments is to just walk away.  Robin’s is to get naked. This all breaks down on their ski trip because they start to argue on a ski lift.  Where, coincidentally, Barney can’t walk away and Robin can’t get naked.  (Although they both think about it.)

3) In the midst of their argument, Marshall tells Lily his job is more important than hers.  Lily responds by saying that she is molding the future minds of America.  Marshall says: You eat cookies and glue stuff!

OK, not my favorite episode.  Could have been funnier.  And I want to learn something new about the mother!


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