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FlashForward Through Some Recaps

Posted by Mr. Feeny on November 8, 2009

Since I’ve been woefully behind, I decided the easiest thing to do would be to combine all the last three episodes into one recap. Since the goal of these is to help you keep up, this should suffice. I stand by my earlier opinions of the show, though. Still low on character development, but lots of good questions being raised to keep me curious.

I’m also enjoying the different angles of the blackouts. Like political ramifications with Washington hearings and world leaders hiding what they saw. For instance, Agent Wedeck convincing the president to make a troublesome senator vice president to show her that the flash forwards can come true. Again, chicken or the egg? And “mosaicking” people, as a new form of personal intrusion and relationship killer.

Some good moments in these episodes. Like the confrontation between Wedeck and Benford in the DC episode. Real emotion shown there. As for interesting questions, did Wedeck tell Olivia that Mark drinks in his flash forward? And is that to set their separation in motion? Why does he want these things to come true? Could he have been lying about his flash forward? I’m a conspiracy theorist, now.

Here’s another one. What about Mark’s sponsor and friend. Could he be behind this? He knew Mark’s flashforward and could have texted it to Olivia. And in the Halloween episode, he saw how the masks affected Mark. Maybe he tells the guys on April 29th to wear those masks.

One more prediction. What if the phone call Mark can’t remember is with Lloyd. He’s also on the phone. What if they teamed forces to stop Simon, and Lloyd being with Olivia is part of the plan. I think I”ll add a “Theories” section next time. And yours are always welcome.

I do think it’s stupid that Olivia and Mark are so quick to break up, without realizing that it’s all because of the flashforward. And knowing what it’s going to come to.

Also, I’m finding things to easy to predict. I guessed early on what the President would do and what Al would do. Need a little better veiling.

What We Learned:

  • Director/Agent Wedeck is very close to the President, who won’t reveal his flash forward, but we see that he’s in bed when an agent tells him something has happened.
  • How is Wedeck associated with the president? He paid off the chief executive’s mistress years ago.
  • Agent Janis Hawk is indeed gay.
  • Agent Vreede’s flashback had him working late and punching in a security code to exit.
  • Senator Clemente says she saw herself as president in six months.
  • Somebody wants to take out the Mosaic team, since they ambushed them across the country, with Hawk getting shot.
  • We finally met, for a longer period of time, Simon, played by Dominic Monaghan. He says he’s a quantum physicist who knows what caused the flash forwards.
  • Lloyd’s son keeps saying “it’s my home too.” Could he be talking to Olivia’s daughter, who recognized him? He then gave “his” address, which is the Benford’s. And asked about magic tricks. And now that I’ve seen more of the episode, that is indeed the reason. He and Charlie saw each other.
  • Simon’s flash forward is of him killing a man in a basement, cracking his neck. Or so he says.
  • Janis’s injury risked her uterus. She had already developed feelings for the child. So she wanted to take that chance as soon as possible?
  • Mark sees some people in masks on Halloween, dressed like the guys with guns in his flash forward.
  • Lloyd and Mark meet in Mark’s house, so all that truth comes out. And Mark and Olivia have their falling out.
  • In the blue hand house, Al reminds Demetri about his flashforward. He and someone else were at a desk, looking at some paperwork on “the Rutherford case,” in front of a window with some odd things in the background…a ferris wheel, a castle, kind of London…almost like it wasn’t real. Well, there’s an ID in the house of someone named Rutherford.
  • Simon meets Lloyd in his car. He says Lloyd ran off, that “we’re worried about you,” and Lloyd says he made it clear he didn’t want to see any of them right now. He says their experiment caused the blackouts (which killed 20 million people)
  • Agent Fiona Banks from M16 comes to LA after Rutherford’s body was found. She’s the woman in Al’s flashforward, going over the case file.
  • Fiona tells Al that after he got a phone call and left, she looked at the bird that hit the window. We then see Al tell his attorney that he killed “her.” At this moment, I guessed he’d kill himself to avoid killing Celia, since he was doing the voice over to her at the beginning (she was a ghost, didn’t see anything).
  • Aaron gets his daughter’s pocketknife, which he gives to her in his flash forward. But the soldier who gave it to him says he saw Tracy die.
  • Dr. Varley saw a girl in a pink shirt, in front of a Japanese character, which means “believe.” He’s sketching everything he saw.
  • We still have never seen if Demetri is actually in his fiancee’s flash forward. I think she just assumes it.
  • Aaron came to terms with his daughter’s death. Then she shows up at the end. Whoops.
  • Even though I knew it was coming, Al’s death was still very touching and well done. Someone had to test it. Someone had to show that the future can be changed. His death should give all the others connected to him the strength and hope they need. Truly was his gift.

Things from the FlashFoBoard:

  • One of the guys who attacked the Mosaic team had a stamp of a blue hand on his hand. A blue hand was also on a stop sign at Baltimore Street. Mark’s board had “Blue Hand” written on it, near “Baltimore.” The hands lead them to a house with a bunch of dead bodies.
  • “Blue hands” signify members of the “Already Ghosts” club, where people kill themselves because they saw nothing in their future. Rutherford was one of them.
  • At the club, Mark picks up the match box that was posted to the board.

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