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“The Wig Party”: Brothers and Sisters (S4: E7)

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 8, 2009

Oh yes, his dad goes to Comic Con

“I look like an Ojai peach.”  –Kitty

Kitty threatens to quit chemo.  She apparently feels powerless to beat the cancer and doesn’t want to lose her hair. Her family is really worried she’s losing perspective.

Nora’s really down about Kitty and her chemo, but she meets a cute younger gentleman at her center who happens to be a cancer researcher.  He takes her on a motorcycle ride to talk about cancer.  Later on at the benefit to support her cancer center, he asks her on a second date!

Scotty’s dad shows up to tell him that he and Scotty’s mom split up.  Scotty finds out that his dad was actually cheating on his mom for awhile, but he winds up forgiving his dad because his mother was so controlling.  At the end of the episode, the dad sends Scotty a really sweet note and one of his old comic books to help them pay for surrogacy.

A new man is in the California gubernatorial race, and Robert is having a tough time dealing with it.  He chews the dude out for being a racist hack, and of course, someone catches it on tape, and the melt down winds up on youtube.  (S*** hasn’t really hit the fan on this yet, so I think we’ll be seeing more of this issue next episode.)

Rebecca hasn’t been feeling well, and Justin is worried about her.  She assures him it’s nothing, but he puts his doctor-


So totally preggers!

in-training brain to the test to figure out she’s pregnant.  He kind of accuses her of being preggers, and she denies it.  She takes a test later, though, and finds out she is, but Justin is all apologizing and saying he didn’t mean to jump down her throat and that they’re too busy for a baby, so she DOESN’T TELL HIM about it.  (Always a good plan.)

Kitty freaks out at Norah’s benefit because she starts to lose her hair from the chemo.  Sarah and Nora help calm her down, and in the last scene of the episode, she shaves her head.


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