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“V” vs. “O”

Posted by Mr. Feeny on November 8, 2009

Political Commentary? No doubt.

Moltisanti shared a link with me last week about ABC’s new drama, V. I thought I’d share it with all of you, if you hadn’t seen it. It’s a great piece in the Chicago Tribune about how V clearly is trying to critique Obamamania. After watching the premiere (and loving it), I have to agree. It’s all about hope and change of blind faith. A must read…and a must view. To be fair, here’s a liberal dissecting and hating it, though I personally laughed at how the author doesn’t think this stuff actually happened during the last election cycle.

(to be clear, when I say “this stuff,” I don’t mean alien invasions and lizard people. I mean journalists kowtowing, people supporting anything, etc)


One Response to ““V” vs. “O””

  1. Blu said

    My only gripe is that it’s a remake of a remake inspired by the Twilight Zone episode To Serve Man.

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