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On the Strip: Top Chef (S6: E11)

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 11, 2009


After a brief hiatus, Top Chef is back and we’re down to six!

The cheftestants head to the Venetian hotel.  Padma calls down to the kitchen to request room service for her and Nigella Lawson.  It’s time for breakfast in bed.  Sadly two separate beds.  (What? They’re both smoking hot.)  They also both have appropriately mussed bed hair.  And fluffy bathrobes.  I’m jealous.  Also breakfast is far and away my favorite meal of the day, so this is an awesome challenge.  The privilege of serving the bad dishes went to Bryan and Robin.  Eli and Kevin served the good dishes.  Eli wins!  (He’s still here?  I’d forgotten about him.)

For the elimination challenge, our cheftestants have to create a dish inspired by a casino.  They draw knives with names of the famous casinos.  Their dishes will be served at a catered party at the World Market Center.

Robin is making a dessert she’s never made before.  Jennifer still cannot make herself focus.  Eli’s dish was a miss, but he drew great inspiration from his casino.  (If Eli screwed up enough to save Robin, I’m gonna be UPSET.)

The judges’ three favorite dishes were Kevin, Bryan, and Michael.  Nigella tells our chefs that the winner is Michael.  He wins a HUGE bottle of wine.  And a trip to said winery.  (Whew cuz just a bottle of wine would be lame.)

No surprise, then, that Robin, Eli, and Jennifer are in the bottom.  The primary complaint against Jennifer’s food was that it was boring.  Excaliber was not so inspiring it seems.  (“More spamalot than Camelot” according to judge Toby.)  Eli made a peanut and apple soup for his casino, Circus Circus.  The judges were not impressed.  He ground up popcorn on the top too.  Circus yes.  Yummy no.  But Robin made panacotta, which is apparently easy to make, and she screwed it up.

I was so sure it was going to be Eli packing his knives this week, but lo and behold, the judges FINALLY decide to send Robin home.  (Seems like the wrong decision for this episode, but I’m definitely not upset that Robin is going home.)


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