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“The Rough Patch”: HIMYM (S5: E7)

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 11, 2009


Staking out in a Station Wagon

Best episode yet this season.  Mr. Feeny and I agree.

Plot summary: Barney gives up his porn collection.  When Ted begins to watch it, he finds a tape that’s dubbed over with Barney explaining that if he’s in a serious relationship (which is one of the two conditions under which he would surrender his porn–the other being death) that he needs out.  Ted and Marshall deliberate over whether to break up Barney and Robin.  They decide to do it when they see how quickly Robin seems to be aging and how Barney has gotten the relationship gut.  (NPH wears a fat suit for most of the episode.  AWESOME.)  They enlist Lily’s help, who recreates their worst fights.  Robin and Barney ultimately do break up, but not because of Lily’s plan.  Turns out they have too much awesome in the relationship, and they’re canceling each other out.

What we learn about the mother: Once again, nothing.  This category is getting pointless.  Although for those of us that have forgotten, we are reminded that Alan Thicke is from Canada.

Best moment: The elaborate stakeout that Lily, the kraken (aka pro of breaking people up) creates.  She sends reminds of their worst fights past their table at a diner while she, Marshall, and Ted, watch outside with binoculars.  First, she sends in Alan Thicke (show me that smile again…) to recreate the


Robot, Alan Thicke, Crazy Ex.

American-Canadian War they always have.  Then she sends one of Barney’s crazy ex-girlfriends in.  Then, a robot walks by (the costume shop was out of storm troopers–Lily hilariously doesn’t understand Star Wars at all).  Finally, a bus boy walks by with dirty dishes, representing all the things they fight about.

Top 3 Quotes

1) The porn tape that Ted finds Barney’s message in is called “Archi-SEX-ture.” Barney of course knew that Ted would pick this one to watch, so that’s the one he hid the message in.

2) The gang learns that Barney and Robin are going through a rough patch when Barney describes what he and Robin did the night before by saying: It was Legen…wait for it…ds of the Fall.  We watched Legends of the Fall last night.


Relationship gut to the extreme

3) Ted gets chewed out by his friends for not renting a van to do the stakeout in.  He rented a station wagon cuz they’re cheaper.

OK, great episode.  Full of the hilarious, random antics that make me love this show.  But I want to learn more about the mother!



One Response to ““The Rough Patch”: HIMYM (S5: E7)”

  1. Mr. Feeny said

    I just want to learn more about the Variety Show!

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