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Revenge of the Big Balls

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 15, 2009

Being bent in half-a common occurence on Wipeout.

CNN is reporting the death of a contestant on ABC’s summer smash WipeoutWipeout being one of my favorite shows, I was very sad to hear the news.  If you haven’t seen the show, it features contestants racing through foam-filled obstacle courses to win da monie$.  (Check out my earlier ravings about the show here.)

The contestant was 33-year-old Tom Sparks, and word on the street is that he had a preexisting condition, although California coroners are still examining all the possibilities.

No word on if this tragedy will impact future seasons of the show or even (gasp) cancel it.  This viewer notes that the challenges seem to have gotten more physically intense in the show’s second season which aired in the summer of 2009.  More contestants were quitting instead of finishing the courses.  Perhaps the show producers or course designers need to scale it back a bit to prevent future injuries or deaths.

I hope the show doesn’t get canceled!  It fulfills my need for some summer schadenfreude.  The shamelessness of the competitors is a refreshing breeze during the humid midwest summers.


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