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Three college friends out in the world, filling the void with television…and loving it.

“The Wine Festival”: Brothers and Sisters (S4: E8)

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 15, 2009

Sarah and Luc’s relationship is getting a bit tense.  Type-A Sarah (a woman after my own heart) doesn’t mesh as well with the artiste it seems.  She’s trying to get him a job doing graphic designs but he’s far too free spirited for that.  She wants to define their relationship, but he hesitates.  She wants him to take responsibility, but he just wants her to be happy.6f0c0eb0f7a99d9118706264a880fc65

Saul and Ojai decide to enter their new cheap wine into a wine festival.  Because it turns out it’s really good.  It wins first place for table wine!

Nora continues to date Mr. Encologist despite his youth.  She’s a bit embarrassed to bring him to the wine festival because he’s so much younger.  He tells her she’s playing her life too safely by worrying about what others think about them.  She proves him wrong, and they get all smoochy smoochy at the end.

Rebecca tries to tell Justin she’s pregnant, but he’s too busy.  She tells her dad, but he’s the only one who knows.

Kitty tries out some new wigs.  She’s not comfortable enough with Robert to let him see her without the wig.  She finally shows him her bald head, and he assures her he loves her for her and it has nothing to do with the hair.  He continues to be the model husband.  Is he reformed?

Scotty and Kevin are getting closer to picking a surrogate.

Ryan meets with the sketchy businessman again.  He’s trying to buy Ojai and the takeoff of the Coastal Reserve (read: cheap) label is making that hard.  I suspect he decided to sabotage them because Holly and Saul discover all of their barrels leaking and all of the wine on the floor of the winery.  This does not bode well for Ojai.

Luc packs up all his stuff because the difference between he and Sarah is too great, he says.  Sarah tells him he loves her, but he’s determined to leave before they start hating each other.  (Booooooo!  I liked him on this show!)

Lots of Walker secrets are still secret.  But not for long, methinks.  No new episode next week, so catch you in two weeks!


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