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“Playing Cards with Coyote” (FlashForward S1:E8)

Posted by Mr. Feeny on November 17, 2009

I’ve heard from one of our readers that my FlashForward posts are too long. I get that. So, I’ll try to keep it a little simpler. This time, a bit less review and a few less things we learned. There are a couple things I need to say about this episode, though.

I love that Al’s act of selflessness made front page news, so that it’s not just giving people in his life hope but everyone. It truly made his death seem worthwhile. Of course, Mark used that to justify his killing of a suspect. Questionable ethics and uncertain actions. Could this be any more like LOST? Of course, Mark never bothered to think that many others would have that tattoo.

Compared to the last episode (probably the best of the season), this one really dragged on. A classic stalling episode. A poker game to decide what to do next? Filler. Finding out there’s probably a mole. Learning about the details of Tracy’s humvee explosion (which will undoubtedly lead back to the guys with 3-star tattoos)…all predictable and dull.

What We Learned:

  • Mark unknowingly gives Olivia lingerie she was wearing in her vision (this is probably the stuff that I could leave out)
  • We learned more about Aaron’s vision. He talked to someone outside Tracy’s medical hut, heard that “the account has been verified,” and handed him a full envelope. Tracy knew the guy from Afghanistan.
  • The mysterious figure awake during the blackout was wearing a ring. One of seven rings, the others of which were acquired by the tattooed guys and given to some shady character.

Things from the FlashFoBoard:

  • A murder of an engineer in Barstow was perpetrated by guys with a 3-star tattoo on their arm…just like the guys with guns in Mark’s vision (and on the board)
  • Lots of people have those tattoos

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