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Golden Bites: Top Chef (S6: E12)

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 18, 2009

Last challenge in Vegas!  22 challenges later, we have 5 chefs remaining.  After one more elimination, our cheftestants are off

No trophy, but 30K

to Napa Valley.

Before we continue, let us revel in the fact that Robin is finally gone.  Reveling, reveling, reveling… OK, I’m good.  Let’s move on.

A famous (adorably short) chef gives our cheftestants their final quickfire in Vegas.  They are challenged to make a dish with a protein in a protein in a protein.  (TurDuckEn anyone?)  Padma compliments Jen’s dish by saying, “You’re back.”  Hopefully she’s managed to get her nerves under control.  Our famous chef, Gavin, gives our cheftestants feedback on their dishes, but I’m too distracted by how short he looks standing next to Padma to really listen.  Jennifer is given the win, however.  I did catch that.  You’re welcome.

For the elimination challenge, each chef has to create a presentation platter Bocuse D’Or style.  The Bocuse D’Or is like the Olympics of cooking.  Time for our chefs to go all out.  As the winner, Jennifer gets an extra 30 minutes to create her platter.  Their judges will be among the best cooks in the world and the most critical.

Next our chefs learn that the winner of this challenge will rake in $30,000.  Extra pressure.  As if they needed it.  The judges like Kevin’s lamb dish, but they call it a bit elementary.  The flavors of Michael’s dish didn’t work together.  And one of the judges found a bone in his salmon.  The horrors.  That’s the last thing you need.  Eli messed up the cooking of his lamb, and the judges are unimpressed.  Jennifer’s dish was tasty, but not well thought out.  Tom called it all over the place. I’m thinking Eli’s in trouble here.

ANOTHER SURPRISE!  The winner of the challenge will also get the opportunity to represent the US in the 2011 Bocuse D’Or.  Huge honor.

Our winner tonight is Kevin.  Apparently playing it safe worked out well this time.  Eli will be packing his knives and going.  No surprise here.

So our final four are Kevin, Michael, Bryan, and Jennifer.  They’re off to Napa Valley to find out who will be TOP CHEF!


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