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Seth MacFarlane’s Comedy Show: More Please

Posted by Mr. Feeny on November 18, 2009

I don’t mean MacFarlane’s animated creations. Family Guy’s getting a bit more moronic than usual (running out of ideas?), American Dad has never enthralled me, and The Cleveland Show is just terrible. Enough of that.

Give me more of Seth MacFarlane in the flesh.

Two Sundays ago, MacFarlane and Family Guy/Mad TV actress Alex Borstein teamed up for  an “almost live” half-hour variety show that aired during FOX’s “Animation Domination” line-up. Of course, I just got around to watching it. And although I wouldnt’ call it a whopping success, it was quite enjoyable. Just to get something with that old-time feel.

Let’s set the stage. Literally. There was a stage. With a 40-piece orchestra in back. And a bunch of audience members sitting at tables by candlelight, enjoying the performance. It was truly a nightclub atmosphere, with some pre-produced sketches, a little animation, lots of music and jokes, and even guest appearances. Plus they worked in the limited commercials as part of the show (and on Hulu). As I’ve mentioned before (in my Jay Leno review), this is what I’d love to see more of on television. Casual, relaxed, pure entertainment. What Leno’s show lacks.

Of course, MacFarlane’s humor isn’t for everyone. There was even a spot where I thought he and Borstein had taken it too far, making fun of Marlee Matlin. It was uncomfortable. But, when Matlin came onstage herself to take part in the gag…well, that made it all right.

I’m just glad MacFarlane – with his dedication to and appreciation of the older, finer days of television — decided to make this happen. Hopefully, others will follow suit and we can make this type of thing a regular event on other stations. Check the video player at the side for a sampling of “Seth and Alex’s Almost Live Comedy Show.”


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