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Auf Wiedersehen: Project Runway (S6: E13)

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 20, 2009

Irina's work in the newspaper challenge

I tried not to sleep through the whole thing, but I did watch the season finale.  At least for long enough to figure out that:

IRINA is the winner of Project Runway’s sixth season.

Boring season finale.  The collections did not inspire.  I thought Carol Hannah’s collection was by far the best, but she was the first one eliminated.  Sad day.

Althea’s collection was SO boring, and Irina’s collection was all black.  Carol Hannah was the only one who used any sort of color.  I did like Althea’s use of hats and helmets for her models, but the collection was not altogether inspiring.

And Althea and Carol Hannah still both need help with their mousy looks and overreliance on eyeliner.

Ok, so Irina is the winner.  I’m just happy season six is over so I can stop feeling compelled to watch.  This season has been boring beyond words.  All of the interesting people were eliminated well before the season finale.  One can ruminate about whether the lackluster nature of this season had anything to do with the move to Lifetime.  But I’m too tired to make such ruminations.  So y’all can make them in the comments.

Did Lifetime ruin Project Runway?  I don’t know.  Maybe this season was just a dud.  I’m not going to stop watching, although I will be checking out Bravo’s Launch My Line premiering on December 2nd to see if Bravo is still the definitive authority on reality/competition shows in fashion.


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