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“The Playbook”: How I Met Your Mother (S5: E8)

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 20, 2009

"The Scuba Diver" in action

Genius.  Loved this episode.  Must watch.

Plot Summary: Now that Barney and Robin have broken up, Barney is back on the dating scene and using all of his best tricks to get some new women.  Robin is swearing off relationships, which Ted and Marshall take to mean she’s going to meet the man of her dreams very soon.  Barney breaks out his old playbook with all of the best ways to get the ladies and starts running scams on the women at McClaren’s.  Lily quashes some of his schemes by letting the women he’s hitting on know about the plays Barney’s running.  Turns out, though, Lily quashing the scheme was in the plan all along.  Barney succeeds in pulling off “The Scuba Diver.”

What we Learn about the Mother: Take a guess.  I hope that guess was zilch.

Best moment: Barney describes a play from the playbook entitled “SNASA.”  He tells the unsuspecting blond that he’s an astronaut for “Secret NASA” or SNASA.  He has not been to the moon, but he has been to the “smoon.”  The blond eats it up.  Who doesn’t want to sleep with an astronaut?  After describing the play, Robin calls Barney a “smoron.”

Barney describes the playbook, including the “SNASA” and “The Ted Mosby” in this video:

Top 3 Quotes

1) Barney declares to our friends that he is back on the market.  He exclaims that mothers should hide their daughters.  And daughters should hide their milswancas.  Which of course stands for “Mothers I’d like to Sleep with and Never Call Again.”

2) Robin describes her own playbook.  A 2 volume set.  (Of boobs.)  Marshall calls it a great read.

3) After Barney sleeps with the girl Lily was trying to set up with Ted, Lily says that Shelly would probably still like to go out with Ted.  Ted asks the table of his friends to help him out with the harmonies.  They all go around the table and join in singing “hell no, hell no, hell no, hell no!”

Need more plays?  Read Barney’s blog.  It’s AWESOME.

Next Week?  SLAPSGIVING PART TWO.  So. Totally. Stoked.


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