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Great Thanksgiving Episodes Pt. 2: Giblets for Murray

Posted by Mr. Feeny on November 24, 2009

In putting this list together, I wanted to include something from my Nick-at-Nite days. I don’t do nearly enough about those old favorites of mine. Hopefully, that will change in the future. All those sitcoms would do holiday themed episodes. I can still clearly remember Dick Van Dyke and his cast dressing as Christmas marionettes for “The Alan Brady Show,” or Lucy disguising herself as a minuteman statue. You could pretty much count on every long-running sitcom to have a Christmas and Thanksgiving episode, with Halloween, Valentine’s Day and New Year’s on the second string. Independence Day was harder because of the summer, but it could happen too.

So, in racking my brain, I remembered several classic Thanksgiving episodes from the 50s/60s/70s, which I’ll probably include on my Friday post of all the ones I left out. The one I really wanted to make this post about was The Bob Newhart Show’s fourth season episode, “Over the River and Through the Woods.” Unfortunately, I can’t find a video clip of it anywhere, and that’s half the fun. It’s one of the series’ most famous episodes, with Bob (“Durr Hartley”) and his friends drunk, trying to order Chinese food (“mooooo gooooo gai pan”). Hilarious. Hopefully, Hulu will add Season 4 soon.

So, that would be my pick for Classic Sitcom. What about Modern Classic? Cheers, Frasier, Murphy Brown, Friends…they all had great Thanksgiving episodes. But my favorite has to be “Giblets for Murray” from Mad About You. There is one moment in this clip-filled episode summary that still makes me laugh uncontrollably (3 minutes in). Basically, Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser’s characters are trying to throw their first family Thanksgiving dinner, but they keep losing their turkey. As funny as the episode is, it also has a heart-warming ending, as any good holiday episode should.


5 Responses to “Great Thanksgiving Episodes Pt. 2: Giblets for Murray”

  1. CJ Cregg said

    I’ve never seen this show before. VERY funny clip. Mr. Feeny, we’ll have to talk later to see if the part that made you laugh uncontrollably was also my favorite part.

  2. Blu said

    No WKRP Thanksgiving episode?

  3. Blu said

    My apologies Mr. Feeny. In that case I’ll find another greatest episode ever and champion it just to be contrary:)

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