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Welcome to Wine Country: Top Chef (S6: E13)

Posted by CJ Cregg on December 2, 2009

Wine Country

Our top chefs have arrived in Napa Valley for the final four.  Turns out, there’s a facebook group dedicated to Kevin’s beard.  I have not investigated, but you’re welcome to if you’re so inclined.

Padma greets them, rocking her baby bump.  And some bangs.

For their last quickfire, the cheftestants have to make a dish that features Napa’s signature ingredient, the grape.  Winner gets a caaaaaaar.  Catch here is they’re working on a moving train.  Jennifer is worried she’s going to cut herself, and Kevin gets carsick.  Fantastic.  One winner celebrated the grape the most effectively.  And that chef was Michael.  Prius for him.  No Prius for me.

To determine who will be in the finale, the chefs will be catering a party at the Rutherford Hills winery.  All

Napa's Rutherford Hills winery

of their ingredients for their dishes will be grown locally.  They will use a local farmers’ market and protein to make their two dishes, one of which will be vegetarian.

Michael has really shown his true colors to be the colors of an ass the last few episodes.  (Whatever color that is.  Blue?)  Jennifer is nervous.  Shocking.

Gail Simmons is back!  The chefs have beautiful, colorful dishes.  Jennifer’s dish is awesomely “ducky” according to Tom.  Michael is sure he has it in the bag.  I’m annoyed cuz he’s a jerk.

The chefs then get to go to a tasting a big wig from the Terlato wines.  Jennifer gets drunk.

Kevin’s vegetarian dish of roasted vegetables was stellar, according to the judges.  Bryan’s dishes needed a bit more seasoning, the judges thought.  Michael’s dish had some real balance problems as well.  His egg was too big, and there was too much soup.  Jennifer’s dish was a bit salty.

Tom says that all the dishes were really good.  However, the winner is Bryan!  He’s onto the season finale.  (Glad it was the nice Voltaggio.)  Jennifer has to pack her knives and go.  Can’t say I didn’t see this coming.  She was scattered and nervous throughout, but I’m sad there won’t be female representation in the final.

Who’s going to win?  Kevin.  For sure.


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