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Launch My Line Premiere Review

Posted by CJ Cregg on December 3, 2009

Launch MY Line

Bravo is still desperately trying to capture the fashionistas among us, so they’ve come out with their second new fashion design show to replace Project Runway after its move to Lifetime.  (The first one, The Fashion Show, was a pretty big flop if you ask me.)  This one has a twist.  Professionals (choreographers, journalists, music execs) who have always dreamed of becoming fashion designers will be matched up with real fashion designers (experts) in an attempt to use the designer’s expertise to launch their own line.  Each week, they will show one new look for their collection.  Each week, one line will be dropped.  Only one line will actually be launched.  The show is hosted by Dean and Dan, adorably flamboyant twin head designers of DSquared.  (They’re even dressed the same!)

First order of business is to match experts up with potential designers.  This is done simply by the designers revealing their partner professionals.  I won’t delay the blog post by listing all the names and pairs, but check out the list of contestants here.  It isn’t clear to me whether the pairs have been picked beforehand or whether it is done randomly.

This weeks challenge is to define the line.  What’s the logo, who is the consumer, what is the signature look?  The vision must come from our professionals inspired by their favorite personal items.

There are varying degrees of synchronicity between the designers and the experts.  Some seem to mesh really well, others are already clashing.

Next task is to pick out five key fabrics that will be used throughout the line.  (My early favorite?  Patrick,

Patrick McDonald, Modern Day Dandy

the Dandy.  He’s working with peacock feathers.)

Next, the designers have to pick out another five fabrics to base their line upon.  Their experts are not allowed to help them here.  This is the last time they will come to the fabric store all season.  Their collections will be based upon these 10 fabrics.

They also learn about the “Trim Closet.”  This is a closet full of trim and other accessories to dress up their outfits.  They’re only allowed in the closet for 10 minutes a day, able to use 2 yards of a fabric, and no experts are allowed in the closet.  Yawn.  Do we really need another gimick?

The designers prove to be divas, and some storm out on their professionals the first night.  Marilyn pulls an all-nighter after her designer leaves her.

The models show up for their fittings and it’s time to go to the L’Oreal, er…Fekkai hair and makeup studio.

Louanna created a nice, chic, asymmetrical silk dress.  Kevin created a BEAUTIFUL tiered, print dress.  Patrick had a flamboyant, puffy, plaid number.  Vanessa designed a costumey sequined pantsuit.  (Horrifying.)  Marilyn made a hooded blouse and pencil skirt for her modern power woman.  Kind of awesome how the hood tranformed into a cowl neck.  Dan, the choreographer, made a tuxedo jacket and short outfit.  (Yikes.)  The DJ made a flowy print dress.  (Meh.  Seen it before.)  Kathy made a bright yellow hooded evening gown.  (What is it with hoods this season?)  The fashion journalist created an outfit that morphed into several different outfits in a very impressive way.

Eric, Kevin, Kathy, and Patrick are safe.  The remaining six were the most “interesting” outfits of the night.  For better or for worse.  The audience decided Marilyn’s outfit was their favorite of the night.  I found it kind of boring, but classy.  Louanna is this week’s winner for her lavender silk dress.  Dan the choreographer’s line of a tuxedo jacket and shorts is dropped and he is sent packing.  Auf Wiedersehen, Dan.

Judges, Hosts, Professionals, and Experts

My thoughts?  Dan and Dean are not Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, and Michael Kors.  They lack a certain charm and often seem to be just reading the cue cards and going through the motion.  They have an Italian catch phrase to tell the designers to get to work, but it’s too long so I don’t catch it all.  Also, it makes it pretty easy to tell they’re trying to be Project Runway and copy Heidi’s “Auf Wiedersehen.”  They’re just not Heidi.

I’m sure there will be drama between the designers and their professionals, but I found it hard to get really excited about this show.  I think it will be fine, but not great.  (However, this season of Project Runway was fine, not great, so there isn’t too much competition.)  I am kind of excited to see what the professionals come up with to fill out their lines, but I wish I didn’t have to put up with Dean and Dan in order to watch the lines evolve.  They’re the show’s weak point in my opinion.

Coming up this season?  A visit from Lady Gaga.


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