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“Nearlyweds”: Brothers and Sisters (S4: E10)

Posted by CJ Cregg on December 6, 2009

Not the traditional bachelor party slip up

Hurricane Zelda is threatening Hawaii, so the Walkers have to cancel the wedding.  Rebecca decides she wants to have the wedding on the beach in California instead.

Simon, Nora’s younger-doctor-beau, tells Nora he’s going out of town for the weekend to raise funds for a philanthropic project.  Nora offers him a significant chunk of change to help.  This is not going to end well, methinks.  I think he’s swindling her, and she’s going to end up penniless like Holly.  So this is why the attractive younger doctor is hanging around Nora.

Tommy is back for the wedding!  But he took his daughter, Elizabeth, with him without asking Julia.  Kevin the lawyer says this is akin to kidnapping.  Eeep.  This is also not giving me warm fuzzies.

Kitty’s tumors are not responding to the chemo.  Bad news.

Justin finally tells Rebecca he’s about to fail out of medical school.  This comes out in a screaming match as per usual.  That they even still want to marry each other is beyond me.

When Justin witnesses a car accident on the way to the rehearsal dinner, he gets the opportunity to save a life.  He’s late to the dinner, but Rebecca thinks he isn’t coming.  So she calls the wedding off.

But who does show up to the rehearsal dinner?  Julia!  But she’s not here to celebrate, she’s here to take Elizabeth.

Justin tells Rebecca about the accident and assures her he will be a good husband and father because he’s good at taking care of people.  He just can’t take of himself.  (Which in his defense, he readily admits.  Still wouldn’t make me want to marry him, though.)

Sooooo, now the wedding is back on.  The Walkers head to the beach.  Sans Simon but plus Elizabeth.  This whole scene looked like a JCrew catalog.  Happy, smiling, beautiful Walkers all over.

But Kitty passes out during her speech, and she isn’t breathing.  Still no wedding.

This episode annoyed me.  Nothing got accomplished other than screaming matches.  I now fully believe that Justin and Rebecca shouldn’t get married.  They have no idea what they’re doing.  And Nora is clearly going to get screwed by Simon.  I now share some of Mr. Feeny’s earlier frustrations.  But we have to wait until January to find out what’s up.  I for one, won’t be losing sleep over it.


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