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Four Courses to Victory: Top Chef (S6: E14)

Posted by CJ Cregg on December 9, 2009

Only one can be Top Chef


Our three remaining chefs, Kevin, Michael, and Bryan, are still in Napa and ready to cook their hearts out for the title of Top Chef.

For the FINAL CHALLENGE, the chefs will be cooking a three course meal with a twist.  For the first course, they are going to get a box and they have to use all the ingredients in it.  For the second course, they can make whatever they want, but for the third course, they have to make a dessert.  Our remaining cheftestants will have help, though.  They get to pick two sous chef from all the other chefs who have been kicked off.  Knives are drawn to determine who will work with who.  Kevin draws Preeti, the first chef kicked off.  Eeeep.

I was expecting them to get sous chefs, but not two, and not from a random drawing including ALL the chefs, even the not top ones.  Way to switch it up, Bravo.  Even I was surprised.

Kevin is seriously screwed because of his sous chefs.  Bryan gets Jennifer on his team, and Michael has Eli, so there’s some talent behind the Brothers Voltaggio.

As they’re prepping, their moms show up!  Not a curveball for another course, as the chefs and I were expecting.  Surprised me again, Bravo.  Well done.  Of course, the moms aren’t just there to comfort their sons.  They have to dedicate a dish to their mom inspired by a childhood memory as a new first course.

Padma kicks the moms out after they serve their first course inspired by their childhood.  How rude.  The judges have mixed reviews on all the dishes.  The desserts are all pretty blah according to the judges.  Kevin and Bryan are confident, but Michael is nervous because his cake was dry.

When asked why he deserves to be top chef, Michael says, “I just don’t want Bryan to be top chef.”  Well played, sibling, well played.  All three chefs profess their undying love for food.

The judges seem to agree that Bryan cooked the best meal, and Kevin had a bad night.

And our Top Chef is…not Kevin.  Sad.  There goes my prediction.

Down to the Brothers Voltaggio.  The Top Chef is Michael!  Apparently his strength throughout the entire competition convinced the judges to overlook his dry cake.  Michael says he’s more proud of the fact that he and his brother both made it to the final than he is of himself for winning.  Liar.


One Response to “Four Courses to Victory: Top Chef (S6: E14)”

  1. Jorczak said

    Although saddened by the fact Kevin didn’t win, it was nice of them to claim he is on the fast track to culinary super stardom.

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