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Intermission: Glee

Posted by CJ Cregg on December 9, 2009

New Episodes return this Spring!

New episodes of Glee are over until next year, so in case you haven’t been watching, here’s what you missed.

The glee club, headed by Mr. Will Schuester, and the Cheerios cheer squad, headed by coach Sue Sylvester, are in competition for resources at William McKinley High.  Sue does everything in her power to sabotage the glee club including giving their set list for sectionals to the opposing teams.

Quinn finds out she’s pregnant, so she gets kicked out of Sue’s Cheerios cheer squad.  She also gets kicked out by her parents.  Only Quinn and Puck know that the baby isn’t actually Fin’s.

Mr. Schuester’s wife feels him pulling away, so she fakes a pregnancy to get him to want to be a family again.  Her plan is to adopt the baby from Quinn.  And it annoyingly works for a really long time.

Emma, the guidance counselor, is going to marry Ken, the gym teacher.  But we all know she really hearts

Belting it Out


Will FINALLY finds out his crazy wife isn’t really pregnant, so he storms out and is thinking of leaving her.  Perhaps he and Emma will finally get together.  Except she’s supposed to marry Ken on the day of sectionals.

Because of a misstep with some mattresses, Will is DQed from taking his team to sectionals, so Emma fills in.  But when they show up, the competition is singing all of their songs.

Right before the sectional meet, though, Fin finds out the baby isn’t his, and Quinn has been lying.  He storms out and vows not to show up for the show.

But as the glee club brainstorms last minute songs to redo their set list, Fin comes to save the day with a new song.  They improvise their performance.  And rock it, of course.

Emma and Ken break up because of her moving the wedding time because of sectionals.  But the truth finally comes out that she’s in love with Will.  They kiss.  It’s cute and innocent.

Sue gets suspended from the school for helping the other schools cheat.  Not for good, I don’t think.  Will is reinstated as the coach of the glee club.  Now it’s really on between their two clubs.

Oh, and did I mention the glee club won sectionals?


5 Responses to “Intermission: Glee”

  1. Malcolm said

    From a big picture stand point, what a stagnant first half-season of television.

  2. CJ Cregg said

    I have to admit, I’ve enjoyed watching the show. But when you break it all down like this in the big picture scene, you’re exactly right. Not much here. But such is the nature of the genre, I think. The show isn’t designed to have super deep plot lines or really meaningful character development. I think most people just watch for the singing.

    • Mr. Feeny said

      Here’s the big problem I had with this episode (which I mostly enjoyed). They’ve been performing songs for 12 weeks. We’ve seen a ton of them. But, all they have for Sectionals are Proud Mary, Don’t Stop Believing (from the pilot), and a song we just heard for the first time in the finale? Doesn’t make any sense. Any other song they sang this year would have been better than something they could have realistically thrown together at the last minute.

    • Malcolm said

      The problem is that the show pretends to have those plot lines/character arcs but every episode is the same essential structure and conflicts. The details: humor, performances, etc are all top notch, but the story falls so far short of what it is trying to sell itself as.

  3. Mr. Feeny said

    That’s why I watch.

    I wonder if they’re going to end Part II with Regionals, thus setting up State for next year. This could end up being drawn out, but it wouldn’t force them to bring in a new cast down the road when kids start graduating (though I think they’ve conveniently not mentioned any class years).

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