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“Last Cigarette Ever”: How I Met Your Mother (S5: E11)

Posted by CJ Cregg on December 18, 2009

Trying to throw Lily off the scent of smoke by brushing his tongue

Plot Summary: Robin and Marshall both get new co-workers that drive them to start smoking again.  Of course, when they start, the rest of the gang lights up too.  One week into their new habit and after Marshall’s new boss has a heart attack, they realize they have to quit.  They all get up early to watch Robin’s show because she’s supposed to be interviewing the mayor.  She’s disappointed when he cancels on her, but after the show as they all watch the sun come up, they vow to make this their last cigarette ever.

What we Learn about the Mother: OK, so this isn’t really about the mother.  But I’m so excited to have something to say that I’m going to share it anyway.  Ted reveals at the end of the episode that he had his REAL last cigarette ever two weeks into dating ‘your mother.’  And he hasn’t looked back since.  Awwwww.

Best Moment: After a week of smoking, Lily’s voice totally changes.  It becomes deep as a man’s voice and picks up the Jewish mother accent somehow.  (In fact, Harvey Fierstein ‘plays’ Lily’s smoking voice.)  She’s clearly lip synching all of her lines in the second half of the show.

Top 3 Quotes:

1) Marshall tells the story of when he had his first cigarette at age 13.  On a camping trip, one nerdy boy in a snow-filled landscape tells 13-year-old Marshall, “Come on, let’s celebrate summer vacation!”  (And yes, jokes about the perpetual cold and snow in Minnesota are funny on HIMYM, but NOT when you make them.  My sense of humor is hypocritical.  What are you going to do about it?)  Adult Marshall returns to this snow-filled scene several times throughout the episode to beat up on his 13-year-old self for starting the nasty habit.

2) Barney and Ted reminisce about back when you were actually allowed to smoke inside.  The scene flashes back to a smoke-filled room.  (Like, really smoke filled.  You can barely make out Ted and Barney in their booth.)  Ted says: That hot girl over there is smiling at me.  Barney replies: That’s a chair, but dude, hit that.

3) Barney describes the few situations in which he tends to light up.  They include pre-coital, on a sailboat, when cuddling, etc…  Ted asks: So why are you smoking right now?  Barney gives Ted ‘the look’ and says: I’m always pre-coital, Ted.

Speaking of Barney being pre-coital, want to know how difficult to get laid in various ridiculous outfits?  Read Barney’s latest blog entry.


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