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“A Bone to Pick”: Brothers and Sisters (S5: E11)

Posted by CJ Cregg on January 4, 2010

A Bone Marrow transplant seems to be Kitty's best option

Brothers and Sisters returned for the 2010 last night, with an episode annoyingly reminiscent of Grey’s Anatomy, a show which I, for one, have always hated.

So, if you recall, at the end of last episode, Kitty collapsed on the beach during what was supposed to be Justecca’s wedding.  Turns out, she had a blood clot in her lung.  She’s fine after the doctors take care of it.  Of course, secrets never stay secrets in Walker family circles, so the family finds out that her last MRI results were not good and that she didn’t tell them.  Her doctor recommends a blood marrow transplant.  To do this, she needs to find a match.

Holly is back at Ojai and has hired an investigative team to explore the leak of the cheap wine barrels.  Holly thinks Ryan did it.  I think she’s right even though he denies it.  Because of this, he attempts to hit the road.

Kevin is doing research and finds out Robert has been visiting a house in Westwood twice a week.  He accuses Robert of having an affair.  Turns out, he’s been seeing a shrink.  Ooops.  Shame on you, Kevin.

Kitty had a scandalous relationship with someone famous when she was a young intern in Washington DC, so she asks Sarah to go get the evidence of the relationship in the form of letters she exchanged with this high up person.  We never find out who it was, but the entire family does. She doesn’t want Robert to see these letters.

None of Kitty’s immediate family is a bone marrow match, but after Robert has the police drag Ryan to the hospital, we find out he is.  But, after being tested, he attempts to peace out.  Nora tries to stop him by saying Kitty’s child shouldn’t have to grow up without a mother.  At the last second, he, of course, comes back to the hospital, Kitty undergoes her transplant, and her cancer is in remission.

Robert goes on TV and makes an announcement about withdrawing from the CA governor’s race.  (YES!)

A lot happened in this episode.  I’m starting to agree with Mr. Feeny that this show needs to slow down.


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