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“Girls Vs. Suits”: How I Met Your Mother (S5: E12)

Posted by CJ Cregg on January 12, 2010

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Plot Summary: Ted meets a PhD student in econ, Cindy (played by the fabulous Rachel Bilson!), who was in his ‘wrong class’ at the beginning of the semester.  They make plans to go out.  They have a great time, but Cindy keeps talking about how awful her roommate is.  Cindy breaks up with Ted because the university says students shouldn’t date profs (GROAN).  When Ted goes to get her back, he tells her he feels a connection, but everything that he picks out in her room to explain why they should be together belongs to her roommate.  There’s a hot new bartender at MacLaren’s, but she won’t go out with Barney because she hates guys who wear suits, so Barney stops wearing them to get her.  We all know he hasn’t really given them up, though.

What we Learn About the Mother: Wait for it…. OH SO MUCH!  Let’s see.  First, she’s Cindy’s roommate.  WE HAVE A LOCATION!  She has a little yellow bus on the shelf in the apartment that Ted thinks is cute.  She plays the bass in a band.  She likes the Unicorns, which is apparently a different band.  And she reads books by TC Boyle.  She also does watercolors paintings of nerdy stuff.  She sounds like Ted’s kinda girl.

Best Moment: The hot bartender asks Barney to pick between her and suits.  To answer the question, a musical-esque dance number breaks out where Barney belts out that “nothing suits him like a suit” and that a suit is “a wingman you can wear.”

Watch the awesomeness in the making here:

Top 3 Quotes

The gang supports Barney's love of suits.

1) After ripping a suit he puts on in McClaren’s, Barney takes it to his own personal tailor, no one other than the one and only TIM GUNN.  Unfortunately, Tim Gunn tells Barney, “I couldn’t make it work.”  Instead, the suit gets cremated and the buttons are used to save a poor jacket on the east side.

2) When he goes to get Cindy back, Ted tries to woo her with this line, “I know the University rule book says we can’t date, but it also says don’t teach drunk, and I do that all the time.”

3) When the hot bartender is in Barney’s apartment, she looks for the bathroom, only to stumble on his closet of suits.  Barney assures her, “They’re not mine, I’m suit sitting for someone.”

(Bonus Quote) Ted has visions of his perfect life with Cindy, which includes triplet schnauzers Frank, Lloyd, and Wright.

We have a mother viewing!  Bring it on, CBS.  Let’s meet this mother.  In other news, NPH did NOT disappoint in his musical number.  May have been better if I didn’t know it was coming, though.


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