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Empire State of Mind: Project Runway (S7:E1)

Posted by CJ Cregg on January 14, 2010

The lucky 16

Welcome back to New York City!  Apparently this city can make you feel brand new, so here’s to hoping season 7 is waaaay better than season 6.  16 new designers have descended on the Big Apple to make their name in fashion.

Interesting characters include Ping Wu from Chicago, who is a physical therapist, meaning she apparently knows how bodies move.  Also watch Anne from Milwaukee.  Just because I didn’t know they had fashion in Wisconsin.  Also, Jesse plays Jack Sparrow at Disneyworld.  Awesome.  This season, on balance, seems to have older designers than in the past.  More international designers, too.  See their bios here.

Photos of the designers’ older portfolios are promising.  Stunning even.  There is clearly a TON of talent here.

When the designers gather on the roof for their champagne toast, it is clear that Heidi is still pregnant.  That’s how quickly Lifetime started filming this season to make up for the lackluster last season.  She hasn’t popped yet.  Although she’s getting close.

The designers meet Tim Gunn in Central Park the next day for their first challenge.  Their look is supposed to represent them as a designer based on fabrics they grab from around the park in 3 minutes.  They then head back to Parson’s to begin their designs.

Ping has already made her mark as the weird one for making everything on her own body.  Janeane is the crier.  She

From Christiane, our lucky loser's, portfolio

cried twice in this episode by 9:21.  Janeane decides to start over at 9:24.  This doesn’t bode well.  Ugh.  Anthony from Atlanta (gay, black, and from the ghetto, according to him) is a riot, but I think he’s going to get old.

Most of the designers are scrambling to finish their designs as the runway show approaches.

Heidi rocks a green tunic on the runway that looks so awesome.

Ben’s retro lizard-like dress is a big miss.  As is Jay’s dress with the flowers coming out the belly.  Emilio’s patterned dress actually came out really cute.  Ping’s design is really conceptual and baggy.  Not feeling it.  At all.  Janeane managed to pull off a skirt and top combination that was boring, but finished.  Anthony’s dress had a huge bowish thing on the side that was a big mistake.  Can’t say these designers didn’t take chances.  There was a lot of stuff that was out there.

It isn’t clear to me who is in the top and the bottom as the judges bring out the models.  Seth’s plaid dress was a nightmare, but the designers seemed to like it.  Same with Ping’s deconstructed shorts and top.  Jesus’s design looks like a crocodile, according to Michael Kors.  Christiane’s dress was a bit overworked and poorly constructed.  The judges did like Emilio’s patchwork, printed dress.  Did Lifetime tell the judges to be more ambiguous so as not to give away the conclusion?  Because I have no idea what the judges like and what they don’t.  They weren’t particularly negative about any of the designs, even what I thought were the big misses.

When the judges deliberate, it becomes clearer that Jesus, Christiane, and Anthony are in the bottom.  Emilio, Ping and Seth are the top.

Our winner tonight is Emilio!  And clearly deserved.  He made a cute and flirty dress.

The judges send Christiane home for her inability to even sew a hem.  Which is a bit weird considering her portfolio is quite impressive.  But the outfit lacked style in addition to poor construction.

My immediate reaction to this episode is that Lifetime is trying a bit too hard to make it exciting and different.  But I can’t say they didn’t find people with talent.  I’m optimistic about the prospects for this season.

Promising Designers: Emilio, Jesse, Pamela

Winner of the season: Heh.  I can’t even begin to guess.  How about Emilio?

Designers going home really soon: Christiane (she can’t sew), Janeane (she can’t take pressure), Ben (his asthetic sucks), Seth (I’m just not buying it)


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