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Jacked Up

Posted by Christopher Moltisanti on January 18, 2010

While Hollywood was busy losing its collective mind at the Golden Globs (Avatar? Really? I think we need to force them all to watch “Up in the Air” again and reassess.), Jack Bauer found himself at the center of another assassination plot. This time, the target is the president of “nameless-country-standing-in-for-Iran,” played by the game show host from “Slumdog Millionaire.”

I wasn’t expecting much from this season for two reasons: 1) Freddie Prinze. 2) I didn’t (and still don’t) think they can top what they did in season 7 this late in the history of the series. Still, tonight’s two-part premiere was compelling (not as good as season seven, but also not as horrendous as season six), albeit a bit slow and formulaic (even for 24 standards)–meaning Jack didn’t get the chance to do any “enhanced” interrogation. And Freddie Prinze, who’s poised to be Jack’s new sidekick in his fight against bureaucratic inefficiency, wasn’t half bad.

Tune in for hours three and four tomorrow at 7 CT.


3 Responses to “Jacked Up”

  1. Hollywood loves Animism because it’s fashionable and expects nothing in return. Convenience, while looking good, feels good. Plus, Hollywood has a very high financial, not to mention emotional, investment in Avatar. Getting ready for the the DVD release.

    24 beat expectations. Kim is saving the world.

  2. Mr. Feeny said

    I agree that this was a slow start. By season 8 some things get tiring. Did they really need to show us the mole in Hassan’s administration right away? And once again CTU politics annoy me.

    But I think it’s still heading in the right direction, all be it after 2 hours. I love having President Taylor and her Secretary of State (Bob Gunton) back. The scenes with Kim and her daughter were touching. I think Hassan is a very compelling and interesting character right now…and very well acted.

    I don’t expect much from this year simply because it’s an even numbered season. But I want to see Prinze not just be another Ricky Schroeder (though I did like Mike Doyle), Director Hastings to go quickly, and something very original in this next two-parter. Besides a way that Jack kills someone (add axe to the list…that was awesome).

    On Season 6, remember that those first four episodes were fantastic…and then it went downhill.

  3. Renee: “…I’m just getting started.”

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