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“Run Baby Run”: Brothers and Sisters (S5: E13)

Posted by CJ Cregg on January 18, 2010

Sarah's perfect man?

Big changes are in store for the Walkers, and it is largely in part to those strong Walker women.

Sarah continues to meet Roy, the parent of a child at Paige’s school.  She invites him to a big family dinner, but after an argument they have at a PTA meeting about backpack searches, she think its over because he can’t handle her strong mind.  She assumes she screwed up this potential relationship with the perfect guy.

Kevin and Scotty have implanted their sperm into Michelle, their surrogate.  Kevin freaks out (shocking, I know) about making her follow the rules strictly so everything works out.  Their relationship is rocky, but it seems to be ok.

Kitty has lunch with a friend, who puts into her head the idea of running for office in the California 54.  She’s intrigued, and the story leaks, but she doesn’t tell Robert.  The reason she doesn’t tell her husband is that Robert had told her that he’s burned out with politics, and won’t be seeking reelection.

No more politics

Saul’s really pissy, and no one knows why.  Turns out, he felt old and thought his dreams were dead.  (Yah, weird.)  Kitty talks to him, though, and they decide dreams are always there.  So, Saul joins a dating website.

At the big family dinner, it comes out that Kitty really wants to run for office.  Roy shows up, too, so Sarah may not have driven away the perfect man.  Turns out he likes her strong will.  Robert was pissed at first about Kitty not talking to him about the race, but he comes around after assuring her that their relationship will be just fine no matter what she decides.  He then tells her she shouldn’t go after the CA 54, but should instead try for something bigger, HIS senate seat.

One reason this episode was so good?  Justin and Rebecca were hardly in it.

Kitty as a senator?  Iiiiiiiinteresting.


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