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“Jenkins”: HIMYM (S5: E13)

Posted by CJ Cregg on January 19, 2010

Attack of the Jenkins!

Plot Summary: There’s a new lawyer at Marshall’s firm named Jenkins.  Turns out she’s super hot (played by Amanda Peet).  And she’s a Vikings fan!  Marshall has a mini-crush on her.  Robin is getting recognized by some college students for being on TV.  The college students watch her show while at the bar (because it’s on so damn early), so they turn it into a drinking game.  While at the bar, Ted and Robin tell Marshall every relationship has a reacher, who is out of their league, and a settler.  Marshall tries to figure out whether Lily thinks of herself as the reacher or the settler in the relationship.  When she says she’s the settler, he sets out to make her jealous.  Jenkins kisses Marshall, and he runs screaming out of the room.  She goes to apologize to Lily, and Lily beats the crap out of her.  He vows to never try to make her jealous again.  After finding out about the drinking game, Robin decides to throw it and get Ted wasted.

What we learn about the mother: Nothing.  The writers continue to  jerk us around.  In fact, none of the new characters from last week appeared in this episode.  And here I was all excited.

Best Moment: The college students tell Ted they only watch Robin’s show because it’s a drinking game.  They do a shot every time she says “but um.”  Cue montage of her saying “but um” with Barney and Ted getting wasted.

Top 3 Quotes:

1) The students invite Ted out to play the drinking game.  He enthusiastically says: but ums up.   There’s an awkward pause as his bad pun sinks in.  Ted replies: Can I still come? The students exchange dubious glances.  Ted says:  I’ll pay.  The class heads out to the bar.

2) The next morning in class, Ted and his students are insanely hungover.  Robin comes in with a bullhorn and makes loud noises to hurt their hungover heads.

3) After kissing Marshall, Jenkins comes in to the office and says: I’m sorry I kissed you, and I’m sorry I had sex with you in the mail room.  Marshall: That wasn’t me.  Jenkins says she was drunk that morning and doesn’t remember who it was.  When Marshall asks her how she ended up drunk at 8 AM, there is a quick cut to a shot of her in a bar playing the Robin drinking game.

OK, my patience is wearing thin, and I feel like the writers are teasing me!  I want to meet the mother!


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  1. […] begins with Robin’s very pronounced, “But Um.”  An obvious throwback to “Jenkins” 4 episodes ago.  We then learn Anita’s new book is called Of Course You Don’t […]

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