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Down on the Farm: Project Runway (S7: E2)

Posted by CJ Cregg on January 21, 2010

To the farm!

Too conceptual for PR?

No, really.

Our designers head to the countryside and are given the task of designing a party look for an industry event out of a burlap sack.  But the roles are reversed.  The models are the clients, and they get to pick the designer that will create the dress they wear to this event.  And some models are stabbing their designers in the back.  Mila is really offended to be chosen last by the models.

The Milwaukee girl is using real potatoes to make a design on her sack.  Could she be any more of a cliche?  Jesus has covered up his whole potato sack, which Tim thinks is a problem.  I think the real problem is his lack of talent.

Our guest judge this week is Lauren Hutton, a model/actress.  Yah.  Never heard of her, either.  Emilio has immunity this week and cannot be eliminated.

Ping’s dress looks like a potato sack.  Also, you can see her model’s BUTT, crack and all, as she walked down the runway.  WHOAH!  An unforgivable offense?  Some designers really succeeded in making the sacks look awesome.  Jesse even made a pantsuit (if poorly fitting and awfully made).  Admittedly, Seth’s dress wasn’t horrible.  The hood he included was cute.  Amy’s dress was also cute and flirty.  Emilio once again delivered with a perfect fit and a classy look.  Maya’s dress looked confused.  There was too much going on.  Pamela’s dress was just boring.  Lace up corset.  YAWN.

The judges dig Jay’s ruffly dress because it doesn’t look like burlap.  Heidi loves Mila’s futuristic look with the silver trim.  Amy is also in the top for making burlap into a flirty dress that still is clearly made out of burlap.  They call Pamela out for an outfit that looks cheap and for making something too short and too tight.  The judges like Ping’s edgy eye, but worry about her ability to translate it into wearable fashions.  Jesus didn’t follow the challenge by displaying the burlap.

Score one for Jay

As the judges begin to deliberate, Heidi notes that, overall, the designers did a fantastic job.  I agree.  They rose to this challenge.

(Sidenote: If I have to see another stupid trailer for a Lifetime original movie, I’m going to scream.  The Pregnancy Pact?  Really?  They made that into a movie?  Could Lifetime be anymore…trashy?)

Our winner tonight is Jay.  (I liked Mila’s dress more.  Wrong choice, judges)  Interestingly, Jay is the designer that the Yahoo TV bloggers picked to win the season.  I think he has some potential.  SHOCKINGLY, Ping does NOT get eliminated for sending a designer ass-bare down the runway.  Pamela is sent home for her early 90s denim disaster.  Jesus is safe, but just barely.  Another reason Pamela is crazy?  She spoke about how awesome and lovely the other people she met were.  She said she didn’t want to beat them.  That means she wouldn’t have anyway.

Btw, if you want more Project Runway than we here at TG1GaTV (such a catchy acronym, I know) can give you, surf over to Project Rungay (now there’s a catchy title) for all the latest.

Jesus is definitely next to go.

My revised list of fave designers: Jay, Mila, Emilio.


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