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“I Know What you Did Last Semester”: Greek (S3: E11)

Posted by CJ Cregg on January 25, 2010

Welcome back to CRU!  It promises to be an exciting and tumultuous spring semester.  (SPOILERS AHEAD!  READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!)

Together for real?

ZBZ has just burned down the Gamma Psi house while investigating the results of Songfest.  Dale and Rusty are still on the outs because of the science project and battle bots battle.  Evan and Cappie are majorly on the outs because of a botched prank that got three Kappa Taus expelled.  Oh, and Casey and Cappie are back together.

After winter break, the ZBZ return to their (still standing) house.  Ashleigh and Fischer have broken up because he cheated again.  The ZBZs are totally paranoid about the fire and jumping at every little thing.  The KTs are similarly down as a result of their brothers’ expulsion.  Rusty gets to be KT’s new pledge educator because Wade was one of the expelled brothers.

Gamma Psi is throwing a fairy tale ball to raise money for a new house, and because of their overwhelming guilt, the ZBZs have to go.  But a firefighter stops by their chapter meeting saying the fire was started accidentally by a candle in the common room.  Thus, effectively the ZBZs did burn the Gamma Psi house down.  But they vow to keep it quiet, suck it up, and go to the ball.

Calvin’s Omega Chi beau still isn’t ready to come out to the house.  Calvin calls it off because he

Princes Charming

doesn’t want to stay secret forever.  (I’m OK with this change. Grant was a whiny baby.)  Calvin contemplates moving out to avoid awkwardness.

Rusty brings Dale the drill sergeant to KT to get his new pledges in line.  Dale uses the word ‘behoove.’  One of my personal faves.  While setting up for the ball, Katherine tells Casey that they know that someone was in the Gamma Psi house the night of the fire.  (Cue freaking out Casey.  Cue Casey and Cappie on the rocks. Already.)

After going to bury Katherine’s clipboard (the evidence of sneaking into Gamma Psi) in the woods, the ZBZs get lost.  Fairy princesses all dressed up with no place to go except jail for burning a house down.  (Becks makes an AWESOME evil queen.)  They finally make it there, though.  And Cappie is waiting to make up with Casey.  When they start talking, Casey spills the whole thing to Cappie.

At the ball, Grant asks Calvin to dance in front of everyone, effectively outing them.  Back together again.  (I do love how on Greek, people break up and get back together in the same episode.)  Becks and Evan dance, too.  He digs her evil queen costume, too.  But when Evan catches sight of Casey, he freezes and Becks bails.

Rusty finds out he won the engineering grant.  Yay Rus!

What's in store for them?

So, major questions include:

Where are Becks and Evan headed?

Will ZBZ get majorly screwed for burning the house down?

Is Casey going to get screwed for telling Cappie?

What is Ash going to do boyfriendless?

Will Rusty ever get another girlfriend?

Will the engineering grant drive him and Dale apart?

And most importantly, what the heck is going to happen after this semester when Cappie, Casey, and Ashleigh should all be graduating?  Is the show going to get super lame?

Btw, on the ‘what Greek character are you?’ quiz, I got Ashleigh.  Apparently I’m sweet, diplomatic, and trendy.  (But I would never be caught dead in that rainbow sweater she wore earlier this season.)


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