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Rush Greek!

Posted by CJ Cregg on January 26, 2010

Pull up a chair and watch Greek!

Entertainment Weekly reports that Greek is in danger of being canceled! In fact, sources at the show say that they’ve already shot two potential series ending episodes in case the plug gets pulled, the beer gets spilled, and our favorite frats and sororities go under at CRU.

Redeye writer Steph Yiu gives 8 reasons why Greek shouldn’t be canceled!

Check out her list complete with pictures, but here’s a brief summary of the reasons Yiu loves Greek!

1) Midwestern Pride-CRU isn’t the glitzy east coast.  It’s the down home Midwest–O-H-I-O!

2) Portrayal of non-stereotypical characters like Calvin and Rebecca prevent the show from getting too cliche.

3) The evolution of Dale’s character has been hilarious!

4) Backup characters like “The Beaver” add comedy.

5) The silliness of the plot at times.

6) Cappie and Casey-the favorite sitcom couple.

7) Cappie.

Why aren’t there 8?  I combined two of her reasons.  No matter what, keep watching Greek to show ABC Family it shouldn’t be canceled!


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