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Iconic Inspiration: Project Runway (S7: E3)

Posted by CJ Cregg on January 31, 2010

Tim feels inspired by the iconic looks at the Met

Just noticed that Heidi is totally pregnant in the intro.  And still looking fabulous.

Consensus among the designers is that Ping should have gone home last week.  Sending a model down the runway with her butt crack showing is unforgiveable in my book.

The designers are headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  (My personal favorite place in all of New York City.)  Tim tells them that they will be working in teams to make an iconic look inspired by classic garments on display at the museum.  They have $500 to make their look, the highest amount in PR history.  No one wants to be paired up with Ping, but Jesse gets the honor.  Lucky guy.

As the designers work on their creations, Tim gives them another look to design–the “look for less” that has to be inspired by the look of ANOTHER team on a much smaller budget.  Now they have a design challenge and time crunch.

As you know, in fashion one day you’re in, and the next you’re out.  That means it’s runway time!  Mila’s signature jump suit is well made, but totally weird.  Anna and Emilio’s garment was a snooze, but they manage to sneak through.  Maya’s futuristic design looked like a fish with sails coming out of it.  Nothing really grabbed me this week.  $500 and nothing to write home about.  There was a lot of boring this week.

Ping and Jesse and Anthony and Seth had the lowest scores.

Emilio makes it work

Ping’s look was a mess, and it looked like lingerie.  Their look for less was an ill-fitting blah dress.  The judges thought Seth and Anthony designed the cotillion dress from hell.  I didn’t hate it, but I have no idea where anyone would wear it.  When it comes time for questioning, though, Seth does the honorable thing and stands by his team leader, saying he and Anthony worked 50/50.

Maya and Jay’s futuristic gown landed in the top.  So did Mila and Jonathan’s jump suit.  It reeked of 80s bad sportswear to me, but the judges all seem to like it.  However, their look for less missed the mark.

Mila’s jumpsuit earns her the win.  It certainly was the most creative thing down the runway.  I would never wear it, though.  She has also earned herself immunity.  Heidi drops the bomb that maybe two designers are going home.  Jesse and Seth Aaron sneak through because they were only the sidekicks.  Anthony has also managed to get through another week.  Ping’s underconstructed and conceptual designers do her in, finally, and she is out.  After an auf wiedersehen and some tears, she packs her knives, er, shears, and heads home.

Cotillion Catastrophe

See all the designs from this episode here here.

Next week? “A fashion emergency of Chernobyl proportions.”  Oh, and Heidi gets hung up on making boobs look good again.  Also, can we get rid of Anna for being unforgiveably boring?  I am forgoing any Wisconsin pride I had (which is none, so it works) and saying send the Milwaukee girl home.


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