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Still Lost

Posted by Christopher Moltisanti on February 2, 2010

I’m probably going to get some heat from Feeny, the resident Lost-defender, but I’m a little miffed after spending two hours on an episode that (a) could have been a one-hour episode, with time to spare and (b) gave us NOTHING in terms of plot progression, resolution or logic.

And before you say that I’m just a simpleton desperate for easy answers, I’m not. I just want some conceivable explanation for what’s happening. I’m happy to find it on my own, but you can’t keep killing and bringing people back to life, blowing up bombs (or not?) and creating alternate realities.

I was hoping the writers would go back to the character-focused show that made it so powerful in its first few seasons. But, no, instead of taking the chance to “reset,” we get a meandering continuation of last season. It’s a complete circus, and it shows yet again that the writers had no overarching vision for the show. So, we’ll get a season full of meaningless action (because, how can we be invested in what’s happening when no one really dies and everyone is living in two different realities at once?), convoluted plots and, finally, a makeshift ending that tries to wow us with…wait for it…more mystery!


8 Responses to “Still Lost”

  1. CJ Cregg said

    I really liked the episode, although I agree that it really didn’t need to be 2 hours long. You didn’t really think everything was going to reset and that would be that did you? At least we know more about the smoke monster now. Heehee.

  2. Ah, it appears that the writers continue to make it up as they go. It was a long 2hrs.

    Speaking of time measured in hours, when is Jack going to start killing bad guys over on 24?

  3. Mr. Feeny said

    I’m sorry. What show did you think you were watching? Of course that’s what was going to happen. That’s what LOST is. You said yourself after Season 3 that we already knew everything about the characters. So what more is there to say?

    There are 17 more episodes. Calm down. Plenty of time to get resolution, answers, plot development. Why would you want everything explained now? Then what?

    They are not just making things up as they go. This is a science fiction show. There are going to be alternate realities. You don’t need to know why there are two presents. Just know that there are, and see where it goes. It’s like you were expecting a series finale. This episode shouldn’t be seen as the beginning of the end. Just a continuation of the story, leading up to a finish.

    What exactly did you want? Specifically? And why did you want it tonight?

  4. Mr. Feeny said

    And the only way you could make it an hour is if you cut out the “crash never happened” scenes. Which was kind of the point of the whole episode.

  5. Mr. Feeny said

    “Conceivable answers”????

    This is a television show. Based on people surviving a plane crash and living on a mysterious island. How is that conceivable? Either suspend disbelief or don’t. No picking and choosing. You’ve come this far.

  6. Old Political Rule: “If you have to keep explaining, you have lost.” This also works for Entertainment.

  7. 02/09/2010 Episode: Watched for 5 min and then deleted from DVR. I’m done.

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